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my game review 2

I've just updated my Banjo-Kazooie review, so if you read it gefore and thought it was rubbish, or if you have never read it before, have a read of it.

My game reviews

The first review I wrote on my account was for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ever since I wrote it, I haven't been happy with it. I feel I went into too much detail when I never had to, and to little detail when I did have to.

But i'm now better at writing reviews, and I have edited and i'm now, finally, pleased with it. Read it, you know you want to.

DS games

I desperatley want a new Metroid Prime game to come out on the DS. Metroid Prime Hunters was brilliant on it's multiplayer modes, but I felf hard done by with it's single player mode. All it needed was to be longer and a bit more of a challenge.

Aswell as a new Mwtroid game, I want a new Zelda game to come out. Phantom Hourglass was a fantastic game but it lacked that much of a challenge. Maybe its just me though. I am the biggest fan of Zelda games, but i'm also their stearnest critic. Ever since I first played Ocarina of Time, I always expect Nintendo to be able to top it, but it never happens, and it will be hard to make a game better. I should just forget about comparing the newer Zelda games to Ocarina and just rate them on how good they are as a game, and not by how groundbreaking or revolutionary they are.

Gamespot reviews.

Between 1998 and 2007, Gamespot only handed out a total of 4 perfect 10 socres for games. The games where; Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Chrono Cross, Soul Calibur and Tony Hawkes Pro Skater 3. Now, out of these 4 games, i've only ever played Ocarina of Time and Soul Calibur, so I can't comment on the other 2, but both Calibur and Ocarina rightfully deserved the 10 socers they received.

This year, Gamespot have given to 10 scores out, to 2 games that totally and utterly DID NOT deserve them, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Grand Theft Auto 4. Now, my brother owns these games and i've actually played them, but from what I can see, Gamespot give these games a 10 score for the fact that they are from 2 of the biggest franchises on the Playstation. Metal Gear Solid 4 is crap. The first 3 games where all good, but the 4th one lacked the stealth side of it, and it was the stealth that made the franchise so good. As with GTA 4, well, it is one of the worst in the series.

So from what I can see, Gamespots expectations in videogames are slipping. It used to be difficult to get a 10 score, but if MGS 4 and GTA 4 can get 10 each, then every game they review can get a 10.

Metroid Prime series.

I can't beleive that Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes are been re-released on the Wii. I was going to buy the games again on the Gamecube the other day because I sold both mine a year ago. I might still get them, and get them again when they are released on the Wii.