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I came on to these forums specifically make a topic about how I do not like the new look they have going on. I really do miss the old version of this site. My biggest gripe is when I click on lets say "PC" at the top and it takes me to the PC section, it no longer shows the top 10 games list.

I always loved skimming that top 10 and checking the reviews and such. Now they have the reviews in a totally diff section which is just annoying as I have to click through like 5 diff pages to find what im looking for usually.

Anyways, yeah bring back the old gamespot!!!!

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I think every system has problems when they release and for a few months after that, i mean look at the 360's red ring of death issue. My PS3 is working amazingly (knock on wood) so i wouldnt just start hating sony cuz of a couple faulty machines.