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Head over to Kickstarter & have a look at Divinity: Original Sin planned for a November release. Has a week left to gain the stretch goals. Very excited for this as well as Project Eternity & Torment: Tides of Numenera. Promises to be a good couple of years for these comprehensive RPGs.
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All the mentioned phenoms are available in the UK from amazon
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Yes, I was able to activate both War In The North & Dead Island on steam - were about £7 each.
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The standard one that comes w/ Windows 7. It should recognize the previous backup considering it's in the exact same directory.brandontwb

Windows 7 will have kept all your previous files in c:\windows.old as long as you didn't delete or create a new partition when re-installing.

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"and thats the opinion of 75% of the people." Really?
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£30 in UK so it isnt that bad for us.


Yeah £30 only equates to $52 Australian - wtf?

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Dungeon Siege II - lotsa loot like Diablo

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If you have EE then all you have to do is install patch 1.5it removes the DRM and allows you to play without the disc in the drive and it comes with 5 adventures.

okay v1.5 and what about the The Director's Cut?

It just reinstates what was left out of the N. American Edition - blood & nudity, I think.
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Is the EE not already @ v1.4? Surely, only v1.5 patch is needed for the EE. The 1.4 upgrade was for the original release, only, i believe i.e. v1.4 is to upgrade the original to the EE version. :D

The Directors Cut is not needed for UK edition, only N.America. v1.5 gives you a NoDVD & xtra content.

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should i upgrade my pc now that im working? i should i just wait until this hardware can only play games on low settings?


If that's a Q8200 you're using, then overclocking to 3.01 ghz (say, 430 FSB X 7 multiplier) should be easily achievable with stock voltages i.e. everything else in Bios left @ auto for an instant cost-free upgrade. ** You'll need a sufficient PSU such as corsair >650w, depending on other hardware - no. of hard drives etc...:D

Again, your motherboard capability, cpu cooler and case will be a deciding factor, but ^ that should not overstretch your average set-up.