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Circus Maximus - Arrival of Love

Going specifically on the merits of the music itself. Feel free to discard the lyrics (however impeccably they may be delivered, Mike Eriksen is a god amongst singers)

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considering the tepid critical response Ep 2 got (rightly so) I don't see it getting another installment. Sonic can take a year off. Maybe 2. The series might be all the better for it.

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IMO the legit stages in Generations were more fun to play than the ones in Colors. They both have some fun stages but I think Generations has the edge even if it does play it safe.

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I almost considered getting it for myself but it is an expensive undertaking and I'm the sort that likes to be a full completionist which you need at least one if each elemental figure to do and I got a ton of other stuff I'm still playingkbaily

Logic and self control. Good for you.

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The toy gimmick is for suckers. Like someone already mentioned, you're ultimately getting charged more money any time you want to access a different part of the data that you already paid for once. Anyone that perpetuates this business model is a fool.
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true. Infinite lives pretty much guaranteed that you'd eventually see the end of Rayman Origins as long as you kept playing.
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New Super Mario Bros is also piss easy compared to the old Mario titles.Soniczero1993

Not when you're playing with someone that sucks at Mario games.

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either one of those would be hella sweet.
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mmm. 4 new zones, essentially 8 new playable levels added to Generations. Would be pretty sweet if true.
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picked up the import of it last year when it released. Absolutely great game. Shin mode is AWESOME. I'm glad it got localized so more people will get a chance to play it. Anyone that doesn't understand the $40 dollar price tag vs. an XBLA release doesn't understand depth of the replay value that a game like this will give you. You'll play it for weeks looking for a 1cc and months after that scorechasing.