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Geometry Wars 3

So this was unexpectedly awesome. The dudes from the old Bizarre Creations games dev shop got together, formed Lucid Games (love that name) and are making a Geometry Wars 3. Awesome. And it's being released on PS3. Double awesome. And it comes out in 2 weeks. I guess I get to buy a game that came out this year.

You'll never guess what my GOTY will be...

You're Being Downsized

My Sega Genesis.

My PS3

My laptop

These are all that's left of the great purge. I've been purging for years now. Years. Selling things. Paring down an unruly collection of "must have" games that I never had any desire to play but had a desire to have because "everyone should have a copy of this game in their collection."

I don't want a collection.

I sold my ATARI 7800, my pong machine, my NES, SNES, 64, Wii, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, American 360 and Japanese 360. I sold my gaming computer. I sold my DS Lite.

I used the money from all that to do things that really matter. Getting out of debt. Paying off my car. Buying an engagement ring. Helping get my Fiance` out of debt. Moving to Nashville for a much better paying job.

I was drowning in a sea of stuff. Things. Material possessions. Inconsequential crap that did nothing but occupy space and has long since stopped providing me with any sort of real enjoyment. Now I feel like I'm ahead of the game. (no pun intended despite it's obvious awesomeness)

I did keep a few games. Things I do still play. I will always like to play games. But now, once and for all, I'm done being a gamer.

2013 sucked for games.

So last year I posted a blog that said I couldn't even make a top 10 best games of the year. I had to do 5.

I can't even make a top 5 best games of the year. I only bought 2 games. Not because I am under some sort of financial hardship or anything. Gaming is just terrible now. That and that only system that's getting any GAMES (not interactive movies wherein the player is regarded as an inconvenience to it's own forward momentum) is the Wii U and I don't have one of those nor do I feel inclined to buy one. I'm done.

So here is my top...2 games of the year.

2. Rayman Legends - I got it for Christmas and haven't had a chance to really play it yet because I just got a new job and moved to a new state. But my impression of it after playing it for a few minutes is that its what the industry needs.

1. DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou - The last 360 shmup. Hard as balls. Expected. Amazing. Expected. 360 arrange mode is awesome.

Oh look, I actually bought a game this year

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

Vertically scrolling bullet hell shmup. Last one on 360 by CAVE. I got it today.

This is the first game I've bought this year that's come out this year. I'm so far removed from the current gaming scene that I probably won't buy any other games this year aside from Rayman Legends. Sonic Lost Worlds looks good but I don't have a Wii U. I could prolly trade my Wii in for it or ask for one for Christmas or something but I just don't see enough games on the system besides it and Bayonetta 2 and the 3D mario game coming out to merit getting the system.

So yeah, the game is great. I loves it.

Least Worst of 2012

I can honestly say that I've never had such a distaste for a yearly batch of released games in all my years as a gamer. This year was absolutely horrible as far as games go. I bought a grand total of 5 games this year, all but 1 of which were ports or sequels. I bought one new, original game this year and it was a PSN download.

This year was by all accounts a great year for me aside from video games. I fell in love with an amazing woman, my work situation is better than it's ever been, I'm very close to paying off my car loan, I've changed my eating habits, I have a front porch swing that has become my new perch. Life is good. It may be coincidence that I lost interest in video games this year, it may not. Either way, these are the 5 games I deemed worthy of my time and money this year.

5. House of the Dead 4 - A port of the arcade version, released on PSN (first appearance of the game on consoles) and compatible with move. If I were interested in completing the collection I could track down the original HotD for Saturn but I think I'm gonna call it a day. It's pretty, it's fun and it's got zombies and horrible voice acting. It's nowhere near as good as the incredible HotD Overkill but I don't think anything ever will be.

4. Mushihimesama HD - A port of the arcade version and with remastered HD sprites, released on NTSC-J 360. I had a pirate copy of this game way back when for PS2 but it just never felt quite right because of interlacing and soforth. This game is so satisfying to play and the Matsuri mode was put on the disc too so I have the full experience. Awesome.

3. Dyad - The only original game I bought this year, I cannot describe the game other than to say it's kinda like Tempest or Audiosurf. It's fun. It was a PSN download.

2. Twisted Metal - This game was my date for Valentine's Day. It's great but I have to be in a very specific mood to play it. It's fun with split screen (a dying thing).

1. SSX - I have not looked forward to any game in my life more than I've looked forward to this game. I studied every piece of info released for it for a full year leading up to it's release. I joined the fan forum and racked up thousands of posts discussing, speculating. I helped set up their chat room. I played this game for hours and hours. I took a week paid time off of work to play it. I platinum'd it (my first one ever). I bought all the DLC for it. I've run that game into the ground and I still enjoy playing it.

So now it's getting time for new consoles to be released. The Wii U is out. The PS4 and xbox 3 aren't far behind. I couldn't care less about them if I tried. The only...ONLY thing on my radar for gaming in the future is the final CAVE shmup that's being released this generation: DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou. I'm buying that and I'm signing off.

Happy Halloween


Took me 5 hours, sticker paper, an exacto knife, a jigsaw, a variable speed drill, lots of patience and steady hands. :)

ProgPower follow up

So I've had sufficient time to come back, rest, relax and absorb all that has happened in my music world for the past couple of weeks. ProgPower 13 was great. Every band was incredible live but the highlights were:

1. Serenity - 5 part vocal harmonies done LIVE without piped in backing tracks. All extremely tight. Excellent stage presence, great energy, awesome funny banter between songs. Best band of the fest and completely unexpected.

2. Symphony X - They absolutely commanded the stage. They started with one of their cIassic longtunes, "The Divine Wings of Tragedy" and closed it with another; the monumental "Odyssey". Everything about their show was awesome.

3. MaYaN - Another completely unexpected yet awesome set. 4 vocalists, 1 death vox, 1 clean male vox and 2 female opera singers. Everything was so varied and tight. I was captivated.

The lineup for next year was announced and there are some killer bands playing next year:


Damnation Angels
Ashes to Ares
Shadow Gallery (headliner)


Heaven's Cry
Circus Maximus
Armored Saint
Sabaton (headliner)

Sabaton and Soilwork are going to sell tickets to the local crowd, guaranteed and Ashes to Ares, Shadow Gallery and Circus Maximus are going to sell tickets to the hardcore progpower crowd guaranteed. Next year is going to be a sellout.

I bought a bunch of CDs too. Here's what I got.

AOR/Hard Rock
Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation
Eclipse - Bleed and Scream
Harem Scarem - Human Nature
Slamer - Nowhere Land
Steelhouse Lane - Metallic Blue & Slaves of the New World
Teodor Tuff - Soliloquy
White Widdow - s/t

Progressive Metal
Ascension Theory - Answers
Beyond the Bridge - The Old Man and the Spirit
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Pinata
Heaven's Cry - Wheels of Impermanence
Nightingale - White Darkness
Redemption - The Fullness of Time
Red Circuit - Trance State
Threshold - Dead Reckoning

Power Metal
At Vance - The Evil in You
Coexistence - Flow
Enbound - And She Says Gold
Hibria - The Skull Collectors
Prototype - Catalyst
ReinXeed - Higher
Shadowside - Inner Monster Out

Right now I'm digging into Myrath. Very Egyptian feel. I like it. Xandria's latest disc is also really good. They sound like what Nightwish would probably still sound like if they had never split with Tarja Turunen.