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Unfounded Wii U Skepticism

I find it quite annoying how everyone seems to be experts on the upcoming new Nintendo system (aka Wii U), especially people who are biased against Nintendo. These "experts" already know the exact functions the system will have, how few people will buy it/like it, and how the next gen consoles for Sony and Microsoft are already vastly superior to the Wii U. How do they know this? The answer is they don't. No one even knows how improved the next XBox or Playstation will be, they haven't even been announced yet! But clearly they are already better than anything Nintendo could make. No one really knows how good, or bad, the Wii U will be as a system. There is nothing saying that it will be bad, in fact everything that has been announced (not including rumors) has been positive about the Wii U. Obviously this could change, and we will know more at E3 2012. I just wanted to point out that all this unfounded skepticism by people who haven't played a Wii U or have even had any interaction with the unreleased system is meaningless and should in no way sway anyone's future decisions to buy, or not buy, this system. We should all wait until we know more cold hard facts about the system before we judge it, right now all we can offer is what we hope or don't hope will come of this system.

My Favorite 3D Zelda Game

Most people know that Ocarina of Time as the game that revolutionized the Zelda franchise as well as 3D gaming in general. This masterpiece is considered by most to be the best Zelda game ever because of how it changed 3D gaming and for its unique concepts. I love this game, a lot, but it is not my favorite of the 3D Zelda games. Even though I could easily play OoT an infinite amount of times and still not be bored with it I would have to say that Majora's Mask is my favorite game of the Zelda series. The concept of the game was unlike anything I had seen before (the 72 hour time "limit" and the vast amount of powerful masks you obtain). One aspect that I greatly enjoyed is that there are only four main dungeons, and the item you recieve in all of them is Bow and Arrow related (1st Bow, 2nd Fire Arrow, 3rd Ice Arrow, 4th Light Arrow...and Giant's Mask, but still). EVERY other item you obtain is somewhere out in the world of Termina, not just from dungeons. Most of the 3D Zelda games you get the majority of your useful items in a dungeon and use the item to beat the rest of the dungeon. In this game you get all of your other 20 something weapons outside of the dungeons, and you get improved arrows in the dungeons. I probably went overboard with the arrow thing, but I really enjoyed that. Anyways. Masks. Deku Mask: you can turn into a Deku Scrub who flies via flowers, drops Deku Nut bombs from said flying flowers, and shoots magical bubbles at enemies on land. What's not to love about that?! You can also bounce on water (which in one part of the game is poisoned so you cannot swim in it) which is useful to getting to certain areas in the game. Goron Mask: you turn into the giant rock-like creatures called Gorons who can pummel almost anything with their huge fists and can roll at amazingly fast speeds, if you use magic you can gain spikes while rolling to attack enemies. Oh, and you can walk on lava. No big deal. Zora Mask: you turn into a rocking Zora who can breathe and swim effortlessly underwater whose fins turn into dual-boomerangs. Surrounded by enemies? No problem! You have a magical shield you can use to kill said enemies while walking or swimming underwater. There are many, MANY more masks you can use to help you through the many trials that Link faces, all of which add to the wonders of this game. There are so many side quests for you to complete too. Every day, literally, there is new stuff to do and new stuff to find out by just talking to the people of Termina and Clock Town. Even within dungeons there are side quests (collecting little fairies that make up a Great Fairy) that lead to you getting a powerful tool or new ability. Not to say I don't love the other 3D Zelda games, I love them all and give them a ranking of 9.5 and higher for all of them (Oot, MM, WW, TP, and SS). The Zelda franchise has been something that I have grown up with since I was a wee little lad in kindergarten in the 90s, so I was not around for the originals, but I have still grown up with this series and I love it to death, literally. I will play this game until either it or I die (most likely I will die first because Zelda is timeless and amazing). Thank you for taking the time to read this if you actually did. I would love to see comments and what your favorite 3D Zelda game is :)