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New games

So I got a few new games. Resident Evil 4, Journey, Dead Block, and Sly 1. Igot Sly 1 for free because I got a free 30 trial of playstation plus. out of those 4 games Journey is the best one.

It worked

It woked, I fixed the blinking red light problem with my PS3. I looked it up on youtube and their was all kinds of videos on it. All you have to do is tear apart your whole playstation and clean the dust out, then clean off the old thermal paste and put new thermal paste on.It takes a long time to do,but its better than paying $150 to get it fixed. Now I am transfering the data from my old PS3 to my new one. So I now have 2 PS3's. Now my fiance can play her games when I am playing mine.

Blinking red light

So I got the blinking red light on my launch day 60 GBPS3. At first it would happen after I played 2 or 3 hours, now it happens 2 or 3 seconds after I turn it on. So I bought a new 160 GB PS3.


Is it just me or do others have problems with raptr? It does not update my trophies from my playstation. It was doing good for a while, but now it hasn't put any of my trophies on for a few months now.


Less than a week to go untill Fallout: New Vegas comes out. I can't wait ,I took vac. next Friday so I can play it all day long.

Red Dead Redemption

I just need one more trophy to get the plat on Red Dead Redemption and thats to get to lvl 50 in mutiplayer. I am at lvl 49 now so it shouldnt be to long as long as I get time to play.


I quit playing GTA because I have a way better game to play, Red Dead Redemption. This game is awsome.


Recently I had to start GTA 4 over again,so I can get the trophies for it. This sucks, I have to do everything over again,because the trophies where not available when I got the game.

Fallout 3 trophies

I finally got the platinum trophy for Fallout 3. I still need to get the lvl 30 trophies though and the alien archivist, then I will have all the trophies for the game.

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