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Fury the must see movie of the Fall

I had recently went to and AMC theater and saw this movie(the reason I picked AMC is because the sound is much better there in my town) I had very high hopes for this film, and by no means did it let me down! it has to be one of the best War movies of all time(I am a huge WWII history buff) Indeed the best one since the masterpiece called Saving private Ryan. The acting alone is worth the price of admission, with Oscar worthy performance from Pitt and a stunning group of co stars. I also think the plot of this film will have you immersed from the opening credits so set back grab a drink and get ready for possible the best movie of the year.I promise you Fury will not disappoint you.


Golden age of Comic culture

We are living in what to me seems like the golden age of comic books themed tv show's and movies. I can truly say I never thought it would get this far, the culture has blown up! and I'm saying that as a good thing, From cons to comic shops it has never been a better time to be proud of the things you have always loved. I say this knowing that there was a time when I was growing up when reading comics or camping out for the new star wars was deemed "get a life" "dork/loser" BS like that but today it is almost the norm, and the great people that come along with it. I will rejoice while this lasts and watch the awesome shows(like Gotham on of my faves) and camp out for all the superb marvel and hopefully epic new star wars.

A few thing's

Well today is Monday and I have not posted a blog on here since G4 tv was still on the air... needless to say that's been awhile. Since then we have had the launch of three next gen systems( can we even count the WII U?) and while I enjoy most of the stuff that has come out on these fine systems today I find myself going old school shall we say. Wolfenstein from 2009 never played it but it looks great to me, soI will out down the glam games of 720p or 1080p and go back to the old box TV and use my multi colored wires and play some 2009 classics.

What's up for 2013

Well 2012 was one hell of a year for games tv shows and of course movie! I have recently been powering through the first two season of Dexter and when i catch up with that i'm gonna go try ....Doctor who. i have heard so much about this show that i have tp see what the hell is up with it. I will be giving my best of 2012 blog hopefully by the end of this week , also working on the new youtube show and facebook page.!/pages/The-action-Arena/370125106394523

there is the link to the Action arena facebook page go check it out and like it for me :)



my next review

WIIU pt1

So I have the WIIU... and so far Nintendo Land is complete **** and i have rented black ops 2 and ZombieU for it and I am excited to see how all these Nintendo fan react to a game Like Black ops 2 . I'll get back to you tonight with some insight on this new system

Some shows to watch

It has been way to long since I made a blog here on gamespot.... well i'm happy to be back here and doing blogs once again :) I'm gonna start out with some tv show's I have been watching

I love this show and if you haven't seen it and you have netflix I strongly suggest it. Every season just keeps getting better and better and Can't wait till july 15th for the fith and final season.

Talk about a laugh out loud show I can't get enough of it I'm sure alot of people here on GS already know about it but if your tired of the same ol same ol crappy sitcoms then go check Workaholics out.

Well i'm on my way to go catch up on game of thrones and hopefully see the new spider man movie thanks for the comments

My awards!

Im saying sorry once again for being late and not updating my blog this is my third year here and i hope to keep doing more blogs so im gonna get A late late start and give you my 2009 best and worst of the year awards

So im gonna star with the worst movie of the year this movie just makes me wanna puke I had to sit there and watch it was like A slow painful cancer....


yep by far im sure alot of you have to agree there may have been some bad movies in 2009 but this is the cherry on top of the Dog $&^!

Now for The most disapointing movie of the year one I looked forward to for over A year and then it pisssed in the soup

Terminator salvation

This one makes me really mad I love the first 2 terminators movies but this one tried way to hard to be something other than A terminator movie it like if someone were trying to copy Mike bay (which would be stupid as hell) this is what it would be runner up Halloween 2

Well im gonna go with something good for now my best of 2009 award for Movie that came out of nowhere and kicked my @ss

ParanormalActivityMovie1.jpg Paranormal Activity Movie image by peacepuppie

I love this movie it may not have lived up to the hype that people were saying they couldnt sleep but this to me happened to be the creepiest experince that i have ever had in A movie theatre and i loved it

Now for the worst game of the year

TMNT smash up

This might go for worst of the decade wait maybe like worst of the ..Ever Worst ever don't ever play this game Granted the Wii sucks anyway this game makes some of th games on the wii look like Fable 2

Best game of the year well this one was A no brainer for me

Left4 dead 2

hha get it no brainer lol....I know alot of good games came out thios year thats without being said but plain and simple I love zombies and thats why this game rules it's and awsome zombie game the best one ever made i think

Wll if your still reading than i say thank you very much I hope you keep coming back and im gonna gove my award my final award to the best movie of the year in 2009

I loved this movie to death it's a ,masterpiece and it was impossible to beat last year soem other Very VERY honerable mention ARe distict 9 Star trek and Paranormal activity

it's been awhile Happy holidays

Well I know it has been A long while since I have put up A blog ,but im back and ready to be back fullt time on this and all the other sites cause I think it's fun lol well im gonna start off by saying Happy thanksgiving to every1 and I hope you all feast and watch some football At least there one good game tomorow (giants and broncos) and i'll ttyl

Some summer Awards PT1

Well soo the summer is over and there were some good bad and ugly film's out there, i saw the most of them and i am here to give out some of my awards from best to worst and A few in between.I would like to start out first by Giving out my award for most disapointing movie of the summer....

This film was A total flow in my opinion ,I mean I didn't like the first one that much but it did have some ok thing's about it and this one seemed like it was thrown together and it was just ...bad

Next worse film of the summer well this is A real EASY one

TRANSFORMERS 2 i'm not even gonna put A pic up i can't stand to see anything about this movie iit sucked of you saw it then you should totally agree it was complete crap and Honerable mention to worst of the year is The final destination OMG most cheesy film of all time I think and the worse acting

Another R.I.P. sadly

Well A little late on this one I have to say something A few days ago we lost Steve Mcnair A great football player when he was around and he seemed to me to have alot of heart on the field ,now I love the game of football I watch it every time it's on all season long and steve though retired will be missed by many fans My prayers to everyone with this