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@ all the people making sarcastic remarks The point is customers hate DRM. Meaning people who actually buy games are punished for paying for them. DRM doesn't affect pirates at all. Not news to most of us, but still a valid discussion so long as DRM exists. The entire concept is counter-productive and moronic.Fossil-

None of those people even read the post, just the topic title.

I agree with the article, I think DRM actually does more harm than good, and encourages gamers to find other ways to get the games.

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i dont see the blurrinessin n64 games but i see blurriness in the ps1 fat. i prefer the n64 look to the ps1 because the detail seems more natural


There was no "blurriness" in the PS1 games textures, just pixelation. What does the PS1 hardware being the fat or slim model had anything to do with the visuals? It was the same hardware just smaller, the slim did not have any anti aliasing or texture smoothing hardware in it. There is nothing "natural" about blurriness, the human vision naturally focus on objects to see the greatest amount of detail possible. While PS1 textures were pixelated, there was sharpness to them. The N64 textures were so blurry just to hide the fact how little detail there was in them. The memory of the N64 carts was so limited that developers had to recur to techniques such as layering one texture over a second one just to get a 3rd texture pattern to mipmap some polygons.

The textures on an N64 game were extremely low resolution, the hardware had to blur them out just to hide that fact, just look at that back wall.

The textures on PS1 games could be richer and have more detail to them even without smoothing thanks to the CD storage capacity.

I also preferred the graphics on the PS1 because of the greater detail the system was capable of.

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That's a tough question. I'd have to go with;

  1. Castlevania
  2. Battletoads
  3. Super Mario Bros
  4. Dragon Quest
  5. Excitebike
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I like PS1 more than N64. The Playstation got me into Japanese RPGs, and it had some of the best of all time. I still enjoy Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics, also still play non-RPGs like Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, and Gran Turismo 1 & 2.

Nintendo 64 had a handful of amazing games, but not much else to play besides. Also didn't care for the odd controller. Sure it was innovative, but it didn't have the best design.

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I hope its not like Gran Turismo for the PSP, that game also had an "optional" install. The load times were so ridiculously long in GTPSP without the install.

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The Dual Shock controllers are my favorite of all time, but none of them have been perfect. I think the DS3 would be close to perfect if they changed the L2/R2 buttons to actual triggers. The 360 controller is great too, except for that d-pad.

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NFS 3 : Hot pursuit is by far the best... campzor

I agree. Hot Pursuit had some great tracks, and lots of fun game modes. I haven't enjoyed any others in the series since that one.

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Any console owner that made a new console right now would be shooting themselves in the foot.

Devs really aren't capable of going any higher than 360 and PS3 due to costs of development, and both the PS3 and 360 are both getting new features each year. There's no reason to make a new console unless the current ones can no longer progress.


I agree, and am hoping that Sony and MS hold off on a new console until at least 2015.

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I'm gonna have to check out Planescape Torment, since it has been mentioned by a few Xenogears fans here.

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The sad thing about this is for all the people coming on here saying, "I won't pay for an extended demo," there will still be lots of other gamers willing to toss money at the developers whenever a AAA demo comes out. I personally would never pay for this "premium downloadable content" BS.

I am a huge fan of the Gran Turismo series, but refuse to buy GT5 Prologue. If Prologue was the first game in the series, you could compare it to other racing games. But its not the first in the series, and always had between 180 - 800 vehicles. Releasing a "game" in the series with only 70 cars sounds like an extended demo to me. By purchasing Prologue, you are telling Polyphony Digital, and every other developer out there that it is OK to do this kind of stuff in the future.