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And without making a federal case out of it, if the fighting community is so concerned about lag, they'd be boycotting HDTV's too, as they have noticeable lag on games as simple as Guitar Hero to the point where they've actually included a lag calculator in the game to compensate for it.

Somehow, I doubt that a fighter that relies on 1/60th of a second timing is somehow exempt from said lag. In fact, I'd wager it's worse.


To be clear, those who play professionally DO try to avoid HDTVs for specifically that reason. It's not always avoidable, since leagues likethe CGS forces laggy monitors/TVs probably for sponsor reasons.

I've always said I don't have a problem with the more casual folks playing online... I actually really like online play even though I fully understand the impact for competitive play. I rarely play with randoms online - for DOA I sought out the community in efforts to get better at the game. The last time I played with a random he used scrubby Hayabusa tactics which are so cheezy online because the regular defense against them is much harder to pull off with lag. Frustrating, but it didn't get to me too much and I learned my lesson of not fighting against online scrubs.

The area that I see high level fighters trying to protect is essentially status-related. I (and DC) just don't like to hear people boast about how great they are at a game if they *only* play online. While this tends to be true amongst ALL games (do it on LAN!), it's especially true for fighters because the game has to be played in an entirely different way, one that is usually a unsightly bastardization of the real game.