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I live!!

I swear I've made an entry like this before.

Anyhoo... I may as well just make it clear now.  I've been getting loaded with work lately because I was working on the Core 2 Duo launch for Intel.

There I've said it out in the open.  I work for Intel.  However, that means this blog becomes a whole lot less open for my random thoughts.  Call me paranoid, but people have often been fired for blog thoughts.  But again, the disclaimer stands anyway:  The opinions expressed here on my GS blog are of my own, and do not represent those of Intel Corporation.

Now for your reading/watching pleasure...

Me on a tech blog:
Me on a podcast:
Me at the Championship Gaming Invitational, on GotFrag:

I don't wanna grow up...

I'm a Toys R Us kid!

Well, not quite... but I'm definitely a gashapon freak!  To those who are less informed, gashapon are these little capsule toys that you buy from vending machines in Asia.  While a large majority are anime based, I did manage to find a few game ones.  They ran on average 50NT (sometimes I found ones that were only 30NT), which is approximately $1.60USD each.

Mini Nintendo handhelds (plus link cable, e-Reader, and some games); there are also some classic Famicom cartridge tins that contain mini figures - one of them is Link, and I'm not quite sure what the other is from

There is a small Mario keychain (that's now on my purse), and two Warioware cell phone accessories; the Wario one is attached to my phone (see?  Pink Razr!) and Mario Kart DS cars.  They're those types that if you pull them back, they'll race forward - too much fun!!

I apologize for the fuzziness - it wasn't focusing correctly and I had to snap the pics real quick since I'm at work.  These are my three Animal Crossing ones (I got a whole bunch, but a lot of them ended up being doubles - don't ask for the doubles either, because I'm already giving them to someone whom I know would appreciate them).  You can see I have the Boy, Rover, and the dog who styles hair (I can't remember her name... doh!)

Lastly, I just have a few assorted Anime gashapon.  Naruto, of course, and one of the girls from Neon Genesis Evangelion (ugh, been a while... can't remember her name either).  And of course, Tina from DOA.

Well.. that was the last of the Gashapon - but not the last item that I bought.  The very last thing I got on my trip to Asia was in Japan during my layover:

It's a Mario Kart Double Dash RC Car.  Yeah, that's right.  You can swap Mario and Luigi too, and it comes with a little remote which controls the car forwards and backwards. 

Like I said... I don't wanna grow up.  :P

Just like Link...

I have purchased myself an Ocarina, and I can play it actually fairly well already.  :)

Yeah, that's right.

I  >>>>> You.


Chic-er than Chic

I bought a new phone today...

I also got the matching bluetooth headset, a matching car charger, and tomorrow the matching case comes in.

Now the phone matches my PS2, my Hello Kitty Dreamcast, my Candy Pink DS (kinda?) and my Pearl Pink GBA.

How do you get Wedgie to buy electronics?  PAINT IT PINK!

But not an ugly pink...

Reaching a new audience

Most of the folks who know me and my gaming tastes would think that I'm super hardcore and really varied - I play everything under the sun.

Is that true?  Not quite.

There has been at least one genre that doesn't entirely captivate my interest.  I've dabbled in it here and there but in 10 years or more I haven't really become too attached to any games within that genre. 

The genre I'm referring to?  The sports genre.

Until now.

Nintendo talks about reaching new audiences... now I'm already a gamer, to be sure, but they HAVE suceeded in making me buy a game that I would't typically buy - Madden.

I played Madden on Wii for the first time last week and I have to say that it finally made the game fun for me.  While I'll never be on a really competitive level in that game, I know that I fully enjoy "kicking" the ball, "passing" the ball, and most definitely "tackling" players.  :)

Bravo again Nintendo - you've succeeded in reaching a new audience.  I've never liked Madden much before, but you've got me ready to buy one now.

Wii Madden FTW ^_^


I must question as to why I never see an image like this when I drink:

I could stand the sight of worms
And look at microscopic germs
But technicolor pachyderms
Is really too much for me!

I think the moral of the story of Dumbo is that alcohol is the solution to all of life's problems.  :)

Expanding the Market

Last night on my way back from a baseball game (dollar dogs!!!) I was flipping through a magazine and I came across a game ad.

This isn't an unnatural occurrence - after all, I read plenty of magazines that are focused towards gamers and the gaming population.

However, this time it was an ad for Brain Age, and the magazine was Time.  I was quite taken aback by this, as it is probably the first time I've ever seen an ad of this sort in Time (and I've been subscribing for 8 or 9 years).  But there it is... two pages before the Charles Schwab ad about expanding your portfolio and smack in the middle of the article about the top 10 Senators in this country.  It's a very grown up looking ad, and fits in with the magazine perfectly.

Bravo, Nintendo... Bravo.  You really ARE serious about expanding the market, and I applaud your efforts.  I truly hope that it catches on.

How many people...

Who read this are going to be at E3?

I'm compiling a list of all the people I'm going to need to/try to meet up with, and I don't want to miss anyone.

So, if you are going and want to meet up, please leave a comment here and I will make an effort to see you at some point in time.

(Can you believe it?  A blog entry today that doesn't have to do with Wii...)

By Popular Demand...

Since everyone mentioned this before - I DO own a Parappa hat.  :)


I just took this now - please excuse my bleary-eyed-ness, I've been WoWing all day...