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my 1 month anniversary

i have been a member of gamespot since 22 August 07, and now its 22 September 07!

my reflections of this month are that i have made loads of friends, posted loads of times, added to my collection of games, and joined one o the best and most funniest unions out there!

so if the rest of my gamespoting goes like this i will have a hell of a time!

soo many games soo little money

why are so many games for the 360 coming outin the next couple of months, with my 30 pound ($60) A WEEK!! i cannot afford them, cannot afford a Subway let alone a game, with Assassins Creed, Halo Wars, Halo 3, Pro Evolution Soccer 7 (Ninja Gaiden 2 around 08.) worth about 200 pounds ($400). i cant do that :cry:

level 5

yep im level 5 :evil: for god sake please i want to go to double fixtures come on! everyone is at levels 30 20 25 im just........5(long pause). what sort of stuff do i have to do to go up levels quickly? help! i fell so alone :?

PES7 or FIFA08

This argument has been going on since i can think off as many people have been converted from fifa to pro evo and now it looks like they are turning back to fifa. why? well the only reason i can think of is licencing, and Konami know of this, so what have they done? well many new licences have been brought which include my all time favourite club Newcastle FC the Premier League in the uk have been licenced but some are not. pro evo has all the right quality's as in the game play, graphics, commentary and options on show. fifa on the other hand would be a great game if the word EA is taken out of it as the company just take the money away from the brand they don't put it in, it's like they just cross out the 07 and add 08, but why is soo many people so in love with the game. well i have played it and i can see that it is very good and ticks all the boxes and if it isn't for the loyal fans which are allot.

to conclude well people have done there best to conclude but you can't. so that looks like 5 minutesof my life i am not going to get back.