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$600+ by the end of this year.

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Damn. Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Assassins Creed, CoD4, Lost Odessy, Stranglehold, Splinter Cell ConViction, GH III, Eternal Sonota will cost me 600 bones. Not to mention some XBLA titles that I will for sure download. Starting with Bomberman this wednesday. All by the end of this year. Kinda crazy. Wallet Am CRY :cry:

I for got about Orange Box and now Marathon on XBLA. $700 comfirmed.

Gaming Bust.

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So I just finished GoW II, No interest in completing FFXII, internet is down so I can't play Shadowrun til next week. All I have is GH II and DMC3. Neither games will keep me playing long though. I think I'm in a dreadful gaming period.

Is 60 bucks for Shadow Run really worth it?

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I'm seriously considering buying this game after playing the demo. My brother and Cousin both love it and if they buy it, I'm definately going to have to get me a copy. But it's 60 bucks for an online only game. I'm kind of skeptical about it but in the end, I may be playing this for a long time so it could be worth it.

UT3 Instagibs

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So my PC buddy invites me over to play some UT2k4. My first time. Yeah if instagibs in UT3... I'm definately sold.

Resident Evil 4

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I've been meaning to rent this for my Sister's GC everytime I went home. But since it's my sister's GC and my mom would flip to find a Resident Evil game in her system, I never did. (Sister's only 12). Since I have my PS2 now, rented via Gamefly. Yeah I'm definately excited about RE5 because this games simply Rocks. Almost keeps me from playing my 360. But the urge to play Gears and GH II is too strong at times.

BTW. Halo 3 looks fantastic. I'm trying to see where this game looks bad. I don't see it.