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Yeah, so Terraria is pretty great

OK, so I have had some time to spend with Terraria... I think that Raptr is reporting about 40+ hours EEEK!

It is great, I love it.  Initially I wasn't too sure, it seemed very difficult and there was a long period of time where I just didn't have a clue what I was supposed to do.  I foolishly chose a "large" world to start off with and it means that I have had to do a lot of digging to find anything useful so for a good few hours it felt very aimless.

One I got myself some upgraded equipment though, and got used to the control system which is actually pretty good once you get your head around it, I was off.  So far, I have beaten the first 4 bosses, and have now entered "Hard mode".  And all I can say is - Hard mode is hard.

There has been a period of aimlessness again in this new section of the game, however I have been better equipped to deal with it.  Death comes easy so it is a lot of trial and error, however when you get it right it is very rewarding.  The co-op is seamless, drop in, drop out, and whilst there has been a few buggy instances, on the whole it is really very good.

My next aim is to take on the first of the hard mode bosses which is "The Twins", I have no idea what to expect, except death of course, however I am looking forward to it.

Quality little game, well worth the M$ points I paid for it and I understand it is even cheaper on Steam.  It is a steal.  It shares many elements of Minecraft, however it definitely has a different feel to that game.  For me, it doesn't quite live up to the appeal that Minecraft has for me, however it is definitely up there with some of the great games I have played this generation.

In other news, I am toying with Defiance.  Has anyone played it?  I will, of course, be getting on XBOX as my platform of choice, but I am interested in people's thoughts on any platform they have played it.  I have never played an MMO before, something about it makes me nervous, however I was tallying up the time I have spent on Minecraft, and various iterations of CoD and I don't think it is anywhere near what I could put in to Defiance, so I may just bite the bullet and try it.