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It has me again...

Dammit, I thought I was being so good.  I hadn't touched it for at least a couple of months because other things had grabbed my attention, but it was always there, gnawing at the back of my mind...softly calling to me.

STUPID MINECRAFT!  Damn you and your beautiful simplicity.

I "accidentally" logged in to a couple of the servers I play on the other day, just to see what had been going on, get update version 1.5 to see the new blocks and 3 days later, I am downloading new texture packs and building again!

GAWD! I had forgotten how much I LOVE this game. I find it so incredibly beautiful.  And relaxing?  Oh my goodness.  I have, over the past few days been really suffering with a terrible sinus cold.  I have an autoimmune thing called Sjorgren's which basically means a sinus cold is effin terrible, couple that with a flare up of my Rhuemy symptoms and you kind of get the picture.  Minecraft is a god send on these day when playing anything remotely stressful makes me want to vomit.  Watching Mad Men and building stuff has been pretty much what I have done for 3 days.

Some pics for your viewing pleasure... I am in love with a new texture pack called Derivation. It is a 32x res, similar to John Smith (which hasn't been updated for 1.5 yet)  It is great.  Some blocks I am not crazy about, but most look amazing.  The medieval city build is coming along.


Wider view of city with wall in background & market area.

Wider city view


Town Hall - huge building

Minecraft medieval build


Mafalda's Olde Curiosity Shoppe

Curiosity shoppe


and a daytime pic of nearly completed Town Hall

DAy time


As you can see the sky at night is amazing, I absolutely love it.  It may sound a little like I need to get out more, but watching the sunset and rise in this texture pack is a real joy :lol:

Any hoo... must go, got more blocks to place.