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I bought an indie game

I purchased an Indie game from the XBLIG marketplace the other day for the hefty price of 80pts.  


I know that I am probably behind the times a little bit on the indie game scene, however indulge me.  For those that have been following me for a little while it won't surprise you to find out that the game that got my hard earned 80pts was a little voxel game called Xenominer... Yup that is correct... a Minecraft type game!  (Pokecharm, look away now LOL)

At 80pts I thought that it was worth a punt and after playing the demo it seemed much more than just a Minecraft clone in space.  Yes there are elements that are similar, however it seems pretty deep.

You have crash landed on a strange moon orbiting what looks like a huge gas giant.  You are injured, no-one else has survived.  You have an AI companion called DAI-SE (Daisy) who guides you and helps you to understand what you need to do to survive.  You need oxygen, & you need processing power.  When the sun rises you must be underground as your suit cannot withstand the radiation.

Much like Minecraft then the purpose of the game is to mine for materials and upgrade your equipment.  You need to upgrade your oxygen tanks so that they can hold more air, upgrade your suit so that it can withstand more radiation, create health and rad packs to heal and elminate effects of radiation sickness.  To do this you have to give Daisy MOAR POWA!  

There is alien tech on the planet with you and you have to figure out how to use it.  I have a little bot that can do stuff, if only I can decipher the alien language and start programming macros to make it build stuff for me.

Reading the dev's blog it seems that they have a few more updates planned for the game.  Recently they have introduced MP whereby you can enter another person's world and work co-operatively with them to build your survival base, and there are plans to introduce hostile mobs, alien species, weapons etc.

If you enjoy Minecraft (and I honestly LOVE Minecraft) I would recommend you checking this game out.  It is really very interesting, and 80pts is a STEAL.

Check out the launch trailer from a few months back...