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From Dust - impressions

I picked up From Dust the other day in the sale.  It was a complete impulse buy and one that I did have a little bit of buyer's remorse over when I started playing it.

I recall playing the demo when it first came out and toying with purchasing it, but then thinking better of it.  My feeling was that it would annoy me, as the controls seemed a little fiddly and I found the micromanagement even in the early levels a little difficult.

From Dust

It helps that it is a very pretty game

Well, I finished the story mode at the weekend and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There is something reallyquite lovely about the game, perhaps it is the spirituality to the game which, I found to be very soothing.  I haven't ever played a "God" game before, so this was a new experience for me.  Moulding and shaping a world using powerful tools such as molten lava is surprisingly satisfying, however despite the power that you wield as the player, the game serves up a brutal reminder of just how fragile we are in the face of the awesome powers of nature.  


You need to be quick to protect from Tsunami

In later levels the maps become increasingly more difficult and can be quite stressful trying to shepherd your charges to safety through a gauntlet of ferocious tidal waves and exploding volcanoes, however with the exception of the penultimate map I didn't once get frustrated with it.  

The story seemed like a decent length with 14 "maps" to solve, each with some bonus objectives to achieve, like spreading vegetation across 100% of the map, and additional knowledge stones to locate.  There are also some challenge modes to complete on the game, although I am not entirely sure I will do all of them as it seems detracts a little bit from the feeling that the story mode gave me.  All in all a very successful purchase.