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I am ******* fuming, and I mean a blind ******* RAGE. Some scheming low life with no principles has stolen my credit card details and gone on some kind of shopping frenzy!

Thank the Lord that my credit card company are S*** hot on this sort of thing and called me right away to advise that there were some transactions on my card that looked "suspicious". My card has been stopped now so nothing else can go through on it and I am not liable for the transactions that have gone through, but even so I have to suffer the thought that some scheming s*** bag has pilfered my details.

Money! Who needs it? :x


You know how it is, you have stuff to do, stuff you don't want to do, but HAVE to do...you start idly searching for stuff on the internet, one thing leads to another and you end up finding things like this

Sweet Lord, I need to get a handle on my life! :lol:

I am in the wrong profession...

Arrrrghhh it is times like this morning when I wish I had been more "scientific" at school. I really should have studied Dentistry - that is where the chuffing money is!

For those that don't know, I pretty much live at the dentist! I have an autoimmune disorder called Sjorgrens, I have had it since I was a teenager, but because it is pretty rare in people my age I wasn't officially diagnosed until I was 33 - you can only imagine how relieved I was when finally someone in the medical profession started to join up the dots of my various complaints over the years and actually LISTENED to me and sent me to a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me pretty much straight away. But, I digress...as I said, I spend most of my life at the dentist trying to maintain my teeth (having a reduced amount of saliva means I am at greater risk of acid erosion), and this morning I have been again, with another appointment scheduled for April. Even as an NHS patient, the cost of my teeth treatment is starting to be crippling - I can't get any form of insurance because it is a diagnosed condition (insurers are devil's spawn any way) so I just have to suck it up and pay it. I just wish I had had the foresight to study dentistry, I am pretty sure I am the reason my dentist is swanning around in a brand new Range Rover Sport, F****R!!

I need some "get rich quick schemes" stat so I can keep my pearly whites, well white!!


Rage is a surprise

Hi, just a quick blog really, I am in procrastination mode... I have an absolute shed load of proof reading work in that is bogging me down so I thought I would update my blog instead! :lol:

I got quite a few new games over the latter months of 2011 with my birthday in November & Christmas, so I have been quite busy trying to reduce my backlog. One of the games I got for my birthday was Rage. Initially, I was a little underwhelmed by Rage, but as I get further in to it I am really quite impressed. First off, I think it looks great, it is a really pretty looking game. The gun play in it is really solid, with a nice array of interesting and fun weapons to use. I particularly like the engineering aspect where you can create different ammo types for dishing out the pain in more and more brutal ways. The gameplay is varied with little racing missions, lot of shooting and a little bit of exploration. I am even enjoying the little meta-games that are available like the card game, the Mutant Bash TV and strangely the 5 fingered fillet game. I don't usually like the "game within a game" premise, but it is working for me in Rage.

The story is pretty underwhelming if I am honest, and there isn't really a character that stands out in my mind, but the overall package just seems to work. It is also a pretty lengthy game - I am playing on the hardest difficulty setting so obviously my time spent is longer than most, however I have already clocked up about 10 hours in it and I am pretty sure there is still a lot more game to go.

I am still getting the sense that if I hadn't played Borderlands and Fallout prevoius to this game I would be gushing about it a little more, but as it is, I still think it is a solid 8.5-9.0.

Oh and not sure if anyone who has played Rage, got to try out the co-op missions, but they are a lot of fun too.

It has been a while

Well hello there! It has been a while since I last blogged, but if you recall I said that my time on this site was going to dimish a little. I have still been lurking and have commented on people's blogs, so I haven't been entirely absent.

As I said in my last blog I have really determinded to get my business up and running and flowing nicely. Things are still moving slower than I want them to, but that is down to me. The good news is that I should be in the black and turning a profit with my business very soon... not bad for just over 6 months trading :D As a shameless plug for those of you that don't know what I do, you can find my new website at www.feelandlookgreat.co.uk - I hope that you like it.

Any hoo, despite me working my backside off, I have still been finding the time to game a little. I have been playing a load of Battlefield 3 which I am really enjoying. This should come as a surprise to some people as I have never really like the Battlefield series before, preferring the more twitch gameplay of CoD. I do have MW3, but I am seriously considering trading it in because it is really ******* me off. Since I upgraded my connection to Fibre Optic, I have been seriously screwed with the lag compensation that the game has on it - every time I get host (which is most times now) I just cannot kill any one. I know that KDR isn't that important (y'know in the grand scheme of things), but my dreams of a 2.0 have been shattered and now I am languishing at 1.6 - I know right? TRAGIC :P :lol:

In other gaming news, I downloaded Bastion last week when it was on sale. Played it in a weekend. I think that I would have been a little annoyed at 1200 pts for the short length of the game, however at 600pts I was more than happy with my purchase. A gorgeous little arcade game that I highly recommend to anyone, a beautiful palatte, gorgeous music and a really affecting story. I am also slogging my way through Batman. I have finished it, but I am just tying up some loose ends on it (namely Riddler trophies *GROAN*) The game is great, buuut there is just something about it that is stopping me from loving it. I have enjoyed playing it, but I don't think I will rush to play it again. Besides, I absolutely SUCK at the combat in the game and the idea that I won't get any indicators when an enemy is going to hit me leaves me cold :lol:

I still have a big backlog of games to get through, but that may well be tossed aside next month when Mass Effect 3 comes out... please be good, please, please PULEASE!

Laters x

Happy New Year folks

Happy New Year guys, hope you had a great festive break. I did pretty well over Christmas in the gaming front with Batman: Arkham City, Deus Ex & Dead Island in my stocking, not to mention the games that my son got that I will just "have" to help him with :D

2012 is the year that I really make some changes in my life, I really want to grow my business so that it can help support my family more so I don't think I am going to be around here as much as I have been (not that I am a mega regular blogger any way). I will still pop in from time to time, but I don't think it will be as much as I really focus on growing my business.

Any hoo, hope this year is great for all of you, and happy gaming!


Count down to Christmas

During one of my finer procrastination moments, I stumbled across this beauty on the internet. I am pretty sure most people have probably seen it, but I love it any way. I fully intend to "open" every door each day!

Any one else found funny Christmas related stuff on the internet? Last year my son had a fantastic video from Santa which made him wide-eyed with the magic of it all.

Anti-Halloween Device...

I think that my dad has entirely too much time on his hands! Over the course of the past week he has been updating me with a "new project" of his. To give you some background, my father LOVES stuff that flies. He spent 40 years in the RAF as an engineer and latterly as a software engineer. He finished his career in a commercial field working on very high precision robotics.

Before he joined the RAF he had a passion for model aircraft and now in his retirement he has taken that hobby up again... Below are some images of his latest project to scare of the trick or treaters that will no doubt descend on his house tomorrow night... BE AFRAID :P


It lights up!

It lights up


IT flies

I don't know about you, but I am not sure I would like that to be flying at me on a dark night... :lol: