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Update on recent "mumrage" incident

You will recall I had a run in recently with another parent at my son's school regarding his careless parking outside the school gate. He parks his car on the pavement and earlier this week nearly hit me and my dog as we were walking past his car. After the incident he drove off yelling some obscenity or another at me as he went by.

Well, our sons are in the same class together...they sit opposite each other! :lol: Every morning since the incident this parent has had to stand shame-faced in the class waiting for the teacher to arrive. The bravery of the man astounds me, he can't even look me in the eye! I get the distinct feeling that he shouted out his obscenities after nearly hitting me with his car (like a big man) only to realise later that he would have to face me on a daily basis in the classroom.

I still await an apology.



What is this? Two blogs in as many days? It could only mean one thing, something has got me so riled up that I need to post it here!


Some of you may or may not know that most days I walk up to collect my son from school with our beagle in tow. The journey takes roughly an hour round trip, it is good exercise for us, particularly me and the dog as we walk twice as far. I don't recall whether I have moaned here before about the lazy, ignorant parents who park near my son's school before so apologies if this is familiar territory.

So, outside my son's school there are 2 different gates where you can collect your kids. The infant gate is located on a side street in a residential area, and the junior gate is on a main road with a "Lollipop Man" helping the kids across. On the infant side the road has been marked up with the "NO PARKING" lines so that lazy ass parents can't block up the gate and restrict access, however it seems that some parents think that those markings do not apply to them. Nor do they think that the path is for pedestrians, rather it is a slightly cumbersome parking space for them!

Yesterday, I went to collect my son from his first day back after the summer break. I picked him up from the Junior gate as usual and started to walk back with him past the infant gate, and lo and behold 2 parents had blocked the pavement with their cars exactly opposite the infant gate. This makes me so angry for a number of reasons: 1 - The pavement is for pedestrians NOT cars, by parking on the pavement these people are forcing the pedestrian to go in to the road to get around the car. 2 - they are parking opposite a school where there are clearly marked NO PARKING lines on the road. 3 - they are doing this OUTSIDE A SCHOOL where they know kids will be coming out en masse from the school grounds, knowing full well that access & visibility has been reduced because of their lazy careless parking. 4 - These are PARENTS of kids at the school so they should know full well the implications of what their lazy, careless parking is doing. 5 - this is the INFANT gate, kids are aged from 3-6 that come out of this gate.

Ok, scene set...two cars on the pavement, opposite the school. My son and I with the dog start to make our way past the first car blocking the path and the ****wit starts to reverse so that he can pull out around the car in front of him!! I was so startled that I cried out WATCH OUT! because he very nearly hits me and my dog (thankfully my son was further away from the car). The guy had his window open and asks what the matter is...WTF? !@!*& How can you be so ignorant to not know what the matter is? I was so shocked and annoyed that I started to yell at the guy - "Do you know this is a pavement?"Um yeah (he says)"Well stop BLOODY DRIVING ON IT, you nearly hit me!"I didn't, I saw you in my wing mirror. "Did you see my dog that you nearly hit?" No.

I could have seriously punched the guy in the face, he was totally oblivious to what he had done! My son and I moved off down the pavement leaving him behind, he then manages to pull out and as he drives past he shouts out something to my son and I as he drives past! Ignorant $h1t!

I am rapidly turning in to johnsteed7as I can see why he "Hates people"

I made an official complaint to the school today about the incident. I know it isn't the school's fault, but I wanted to add my voice to the countless residents that complain about the way parents park in that street, and I believe that the school should be made aware of it, and if relevant, contact local law enforcement to come and monitor the road.

I have been thinking about it a lot this morning, what if I had had a small toddler in one hand, or had even been pushing a buggy with a baby in it? When I made the complaint to school, I advised them of which parent it was as well as I am determinded that the man should be held accountable for his actions. What riles me even more is that he didn't even apologise when the incident happened, he looked at me as if I was a crazy person!

The funny thing is, his son is in the same class as mine :lol: AWKWAAAARD!

What the...? and pics from Corfu.

I am back from my hols in Corfu, and a lovely time was had by all. I have never been to Greece before so it was all new to me, however I shall be going again I am sure. The weather was glorious, the food was delicious, the people were lovely and the views were stunning, what's not to love?

One of the nicest bars I have ever been in.


The bay

The bay

Nudey beach!

Nudey beach

*sigh*, it was lovely and I wish I was back there.

When I returned home, I found this message on my xbox... :roll: I have no idea who this person is BTW :lol:

WEird xbox message

What do you think? Does he have a valid question? :P

EDIT: Added in a couple more piccies that I found that were taken on my phone rather than my camera.

Pool pic

My view from the pool on the first day.


Crazy man lifting a flaming table with his teeth!

Departing for warmer climes...

I am going on holiday for a week this evening. Cannot wait. My family and I are off to Corfu, Greece. I have never been to Greece before so I am really looking forward to it. Most of all I am looking forward to lazing around a pool doing very little other than reading book 3 in the Game of Thrones series with an occasional dip in the pool to cool me off - temperatures are soaring in Corfu at the moment!

We are in a very remote resort near the mountains and about 10 minutes walk from the beach so I am hoping it will be idyllic - *sigh*

When we return I shall know that summer will be offically over as my son returns to school and I will be focusing 100% on my business again so this week will be the last "hooray" for doing nothing this year.

Don't miss me too much :P

Stick it to THE MAN.

I ordered Kingdom's of Amalur recently. I have been after a new game for a while, but have been resisting, mostly due to lack of funds and an eagerness to reduce my gaming so that I can focus on really building my business, however I finally saw a deal on KOA through Amazon that caught my eye £14.50 delivered.

It arrived within a couple of days, new and sealed. I opened it up, input the Online Pass code that EA insists all games must have these days despite this being a pure single player experience, and... the code didn't work. I got a message saying that the code had already been used. WTF?:evil:

I tweeted EASupport immediately as I had had a favourable response from xbox support a few days earlier regarding a problem with my xbox LIVE tenure which was resolved quickly and courteously. EAsupport on twitter advised me to either call, or log a support ticket on EA site.

I logged a support ticket on the EA site, and also calledEA support and spoke to someone there who advised me that "it wasn't EA's policy to support gamers who had ordered their products through a third party retailer as there was no guarantee that the product wasn't second hand" WHAT THE ACTUAL FU..? I told the operative that that this was bull5hit as I had had a similar experience in the past when I purchased DA: Origins and one of the codes (the Shale DLC) was invalid, despite the other codes in the box being valid, and after a few conversations with EA support I was eventually sent a new code, as well as a few other bits of DLC for my inconvenience. This did nothing to deter the operative who again said that he couldn't support me, despite my assurance that the game was sealed when I received it. He told me that I would need to take up the matter with the retailer. He even had the balls to tell me that retailers were in the practice of putting in their own promotional literature in to game boxes... In all my years as a gamer, I have NEVER purchased a game where there was anything other than promotional literature for the platform or the publisher!

As you can imagine I was furious with the guy's response, in my eyes he was basically telling me that EA did not support the consumer even when they did purchase new, and that the xbox certificate of authenticity sticker that each box has is not worth anything. My next move was to go on a twitter rant, some of you may question the validity of this move, but I was furious, the online pass thing annoys me as it is, to not have it work raises my anger levels to 11.

I tweeted a few things directly to EA and Xbox asking the question about what was the importance of the certificate of authenticity if the publisher didn't support the consumer who purchased new. I also suggested to EA that if they wanted to reduce the amount of used sales, then they needed to support the consumer who purchased new, not pass off to the retailer. I also suggested to EA that if they were going to enforce DRM in this kind of way through an online pass then they better ensure that there were procedures in place for when it went wrong. After about 5 tweets and a few re-tweets from random people I had a direct message from EAsupport asking me for details re my username on Origin, GT, purchase details and within half an hour they had mailed me a brand new code to activate the online pass - RESULT!

I officially LOVE TWITTER :lol:

Is it really so difficult?

There has been a lot of "noise" in the gaming community of late about the representation of females in video games. The touchpaper of the whole debate recently seems to have stemmed from the Kickstarter project by the feminist media critic, Anita Skarkeesian, and there has been some really quite astonishing reactions to it on twitter, gaming sites, blogs etc..

I am not going to discuss what has been happening or even what Ms Skarkeesian is doing with her Tropes series of videos as many people have already discussed it to death. Besides, most of the bile that has been aimed her way just disgusts me. I am however, going to touch on the recent petition that has been started by a female gamer about the omission of female character models in the upcoming Aliens game.

I myself have bemoaned this very issue in a previous blogand simply cannot understand why it is often overlooked. I mean COME ON, Gears of War 3 has female character models for online play and that game is so full of pumped up testosterone even just playing it gives ME a 6 o'clock shadow! And I don't think that the argument "oh, it just isn't realistic for a female to be in a front line military role" cuts it either. GIVE ME A BREAK! This is a video game we are talking about, it isn't realistic to have regenerating health or unlimited respawns, but that still happens. Why is it so inconceivable to have a female character model in this situation, besides this is Aliens we are talking about, a franchise that is littered with badass female characters.

The other argument I hear is (and this is particularly on Gears), the female character models have smaller hitboxes. Perhaps they do, I don't know. There certainly seems to be evidence on YouTube that this is the case, however in these videos I can't help but question why highlighting a miss on a male character gets a kill and on a female it doesn't. That isn't about how small the hit box is on a female character, it just exposes that the hitboxes in general are broken! Another example without female characters demonstrates this much better without clouding the issue over the gender of the character model.

I said this in my last blog. Developers are constantly talking about how they want to get more females interested in gaming. I would argue that this is already the case, we just don't tend to speak up because when we do in a gaming community it is like wearing a mini-skirt and boob tube and slathering ourselves in lager so that all the ameobas that inhabit internet-land can sling their "Hey b1tch make me a sammich" or "send me a picture of your t1ts" comments our way. I just think that it is naive of a developer to not include the models so that the majority of the silent female gamer community can enjoy a game with a character that better reflects their identity. I mean how difficult can it be?

This pretty much sums up my weekend.

Following on from my last "So so hungover" blog, my friend posted this picture of me on Facebook, so I thought I would share it with you... I am such a tramp! *shakes head*

I would just like to say that I am actually sorting out my shoes here (my killer heels were *killing* me) and I am not slumped against a doorway... :lol:

Drunk wavey

So, so hungover...

I need a darkened room and a cooling hand stroking my brow. I have returned from an EXTREMELY boozy girlie weekend in Barcelona. Sweet lord I am destroyed.

Wake me up in a week.

First world problems

I have read two news stories today that have moved me in different ways. The first is a story of a young man who has no legs who has vowed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity under the phrase "Redefine Possible". Link to the story here

The second story is about a Chinese woman forced to have an abortion in the seventh month of her pregnancy, link to story here. I find this shocking and completely immoral. Seven months is a "viable" human and the thought of what was done disgusts me. I am not against abortion, I believe that a woman has a right to make decisions about her own body, but I do believe that there needs to be an adequate cut off when it is no longer acceptable to terminate a pregnancy - rule breaking or not. 7 months is not an acceptable time to terminate!

It is precisely this sort of atrocity against a woman (and her unborn child) that provoked me to angry comments on a former GS "friend" of mine's blog several weeks ago after an ill advised blog that was written. And, Ihave spent a few hours this morning on the general forums on this site, and the amount of self-serving and downright mysogynistic drivel that (mainly) adolescent boys complain about or feel they are entitled to makes me sick.

People need to get some perpective.

Sick to my stomach:(

I hate my neighbour.

Listen up @johnsteed7 this blog is for you!

I hate one of my neighbours. I mean I really, really hate her. I don't use the term lightly, there are very few people in my life I have had to misfortune to meet that I would say that "I hate", one of which was an old boss of mine who was by all intents and purposes a crook who would screw over his own mother if it benefitted him, another was a woman I worked with at my last job who was a spiteful, maipulative, b1tch who was also completely insane and now one of my neighbours - who I have named Miss Gulch.

I am not a mean person, I try to be reasonable with people at all times, unless they step over some boundaries I set and I will then stand up for myself. I also have a very low tolerance for people that I do not consider worthy of my time and will actively avoid them so that I do not have to interact with them. In the rare instances where I am forced to interact with someone that I find intolerable I do always try to maintain a modicum of politeness so that a deliberate confrontation does not arise.

My neighbour is one of these people. When she first moved in I had a sense from her that she was not someone that I would be chatting over the garden fence with, or seeing at any of the neighbourly BBQs we sometimes have in our street (weather permitting...I live in the UK, so BBQ is a rare feat :P ), but I was always polite to her, acknowledging her and her husband if I was driving in to the street and they were in their garden, but things changed a few years ago when she threatened my then just turned 5 year old son with the police if his small inflatable ball went in to her front garden one more time. She didn't come to see me or my husband about it, and the first I heard of it was when my terrified son came to tell me.

After that incidence, when his ball hit her car several months later, she came round and spoke to my husband. Initially he was apologetic with her, acknowledging that it could be a problem, but she persisted with her complaint and started threatening him saying things like "it was a good job her husband hadn't come round otherwise things could have gotten ugly", and that if it continued she would involve the police. (I just want to explain something here, we are talking about one of those "penny floater" balls, the type that you pick up when you go to the beach to play with whilst you are there, it really isn't going to do much damage to anything it hits - besides it was being kicked by a 5 year old, how much "damage" could it cause?) So, initially she had a legitimate complaint, but by labouring the point she completely turned us off.

Over the years there have been other instances, she threw one of my neighbour's daughter's balls in the bin after it rolled in to her front garden and she continues to randomly threaten my son when his ball goes anywhere near her driveway, she even threatened another neighbour when his dog escaped and piddled on her lawn.

She spends hours in her spare room looking out the window watching the children playing and as soon as any of them go near her driveway she opens the window and shouts out at the kids with her own version of "Gerrof moi land". I despise her.

Today, it seems that her daughter has inherited her sunny disposition because I have had the pleasure of her knocking on my door about some inconsequential thing my son has done with his ball. I grow weary.

I read an article a few years back about a group of locals who have their houses near a school. They had petitioned to the council to stop the school from allowing the children outside to play because it was making "too much noise". The council had started to pass the motion, when the local newspaper and consequently the rest of the local community complained about the ridiculous ruling that children were not allowed to play. What type of person thinks that the noises of Primary school age children is something to be stopped? This woman on my street is precisely that sort of person!

On reflection I don't hate her, I pity her - she has had all the joy sucked out of her, if she had any at all in the first place and that must be a very bitter and unpleasant state to be in.