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amazon draconian shipping rules...

Is it just me or is Amazon a right royal pain in the arse? I pre-ordered Bioshock for the Xbox with some excitement - had been following all the pre-release buzz for several months so when Amazon made the game available for pre-order I took them up on it.

Now, I like Amazon as a rule; you have a wish list, it tracks what you have bought or looked at in the past and sometimes makes helpful suggestions about what else you might like to try. I have taken them up on this on a couple of occasions and have been pleasantly surprised. So, I pre-ordered without a care in the world.

Grrrrr. I have only just received the game today - 30 August. Nearly a whole week after the release date. Am I being unreasonable? I think not! Now don't get me wrong Ididn't expect to receive the game on the day of release, but I certainly expected to see it a couple of days after the release date. Amazon's reponse? High number of ordersfor an "unexpectedly popular item" Obviously I am left speechless...