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im only at the beginning cuz my sis has been on it all the time but i shall beat it! im soo happy! ive been waiting like a year for this!!!

oh, and another thing. i was wondering if anyone here has played the secret of mana game? i was wondrin if yalls knew if you can play the game with three people controlling the characters at once or what. help's much appreciated! sankyuu!!

i need some serious help!

ok so my wiis having some issues and now i cant play wii games! i can play gamecube or virtual console, just not any of my wii games! its not that their dirty or anything (their new) but none of my games will work. can anybody help?

level 10~~!!!

im level ten now so its time to go through the things that happened in my level 9 days and make it into a (possibly) retarded story.


-im STILL playing my life as a king

-i spend most time on brawl

-when i go wifi, i only do it with friends

-im an officer in some # of unions that im too lazy to bother counting

-i hate cheapachus (spammer pikachus)

-i finished three animes (or sumthin like that..)

-my other computer BROKE TT~TT

-my sisters denied getting paid $100 for tutoring my couzin online

-i think thats outragous ^^

-level 10 (that took a while)

-mother 2 is officially been beaten!! (no, nawt by me, silly!)

-my brawl iceclimbers SUCK


There was once this boy named Level Ten, who is AWESOME at Brawl, SUCKS at the Ice Climbers, hates cheapachus, and goes wifi with his buddies only. Now, Level Ten spent most of his time on Brawl, but he did other stuff, too. He finished three animes...but more recently his computer totally BROKE DOWN 'cause it's stupid and old like that. Level Ten also had a family, but they're boring so he doesn't want to talk about them. He had a sister that was very good at video games. Better than he, maybe. She beat Mother 2 (in japanese..) and also hates cheapachus. Well, since now that sister is boring, Level Ten also had a friend names Level Eleven. One day in school, Level Ten was talking to Level Eleven.

"Yeah, my sister whom remains nameless denied getting paid to tutor my cousin Algebra 2 online. She was gonna get paid $100 big bahoonies for it!!"

"I feel for you, dude. That's outragous!!"



"Oh yeah, I'm an officer for a # of unions on this anonymous site i was on today."

"Uh, okay. (0.o'')"

Thus ends the story of Level Ten. XD

~ ~ W A R R I O R N O O B ~ ~

10 stupid tagging facts

kay i got a stupid tag asking for stupid facts on a stupid blog.

1) im a fan of crystal chronicles stuff

2) i think this is really stupid (if u couldnt tell before)

3) the U button on the laptop i am currently not using is broken so it has to get fixed

4) im about ready to kill the stupid neighbor kid

5) ima fangirl like scalesama

6) i like rarth and pike

7) goku is my fave chara on saiyuki

8 ) i hate to capatalize

9) my shiny ponyta just LOVES loafing around during gym fights

10) my cellphone is pink. (DUH THATS A FACT ABOUT ME)

and those are the ten stupid facts from the stupid tag on this stupid blog.


IM LEVEL 8!!! an i hav no news!! uh uh...*panicks* CRAP NO NOOB STORIES. uhh....

um heres sum ideas. (im doin bullet points to make it long XD)

-level 8

-no noob story

-bullet points


um um um...

-addiction to ring of fates (uh?)

-love of my life as a king (mlaak not a very glorius title..ne?)



ok now lets make a story.


There once was a little boy named Level 8, who was such a pro, he had no noob stories and everybody called him NOODL. So Level 8 had an essay due, but he was lazy so he made it in bullet points and got an F (of course). When he saw the grade, he exclaimed, "CRAP THIS ISNT WORKING!! uhm um um..." and gave up his great abilities to become addicted to ring of fates (his friends were all like uh??). Upon seeing that my life as a king was related to it, he snatched it up and found a new love for the game. Level 8 also thought that it's abreviation, mlaak, wasn't a very glorius title. In fact, he was so excited by his games that he shouted, "GEEZUMS I LOVE THIS GAME!" and his friends...they said, "OLD JIGGIDIES WHAT IS WRONG WITH LEVEL 8?!" Thus ends the story of Level 8.

~ ~ W A R R I O R N O O B ~ ~


mken, big news! and a new story fulla big news!!!

1)level uppp! now im a sectoid! btw, wut IS that anyway??? is it the sevenoids or sumthin?

2)i like fighting 1v1 matches and it turns out that im better at that them than 2v2 or especially ffalls. not super better, i just find them easier. pity. i like 2v2s better. XP

3)SKEWLS ALMOST OUT!!! yeah im gunna have so much time doin absoposolutely nothin! YESH!


Noob story time!!

mkye, mkay and co (wut happened to brad and jerry??? TT~TT) and this is my story. AGAIN.

ok. you guys all know the jiggypuff glitch rite? (please tell me you do) well, when me and my two sisters were getting that glitch...i was the beautiful red yoshi and my sisters jigglys. well, one of my sister got the glitch to work, and rolled off the edge and died right when i was about to lick her.

the second try we had, i had actually gotten to lick her when the boss dude (i dont know what he is cuz i dont play the game) on the horse thing threw the bomb thing, and the bridge thing collapsed, he had pushed her off the platform thing and killed her. (thing?)


jigglypuff glitch=glitch where jigglypuff grows huge after yoshi licks him on the zelda stage.


something really bad happened recently. the anime i watch, d.gray-man, (if you know it) is being dubbed and will no longer show any eps on crunchyroll.com. i guess it was so popular theyre gonna put it on air and make it another naruto. (NOOOOO!!!) ARGH and just when two characters DIE~~~!!! (i swear my fav was next and they stop airing it NOW?!?) man now what am i gunna do??? well there is a good thing. some time ago an anime called ouran high school was dubbed and YES i was watching that too...and its finally coming this summer. HOORAH!!!

~ ~W A R R I O R N O O B ~ ~


kayz so im gunna wright a long lina things i did ta blow noobs off th track! kay so my first story is a wifi one. and it wuz on brawl. i wuz being sonic an stuff and u no wen u nock the enemy close to th edge but dont kill them? well that happened and i ran over and tried to beat them and ran off the edge. it also happened to me wen i wuz training wth my sis recently. she wuz playin as sonic and so wuz i. then, i lost pitifully on th mario stage. i wuz gunna throw muh controller at the wall! TT~TT she dusnt even play as sonic!!! ~ ~ W A R R I O R N O O B ~ ~