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Silent hill downpour (The game SH fans waited for)

The 8th installment of the silent hill series...is surprisingly good. Its been a while since there was actually a silent hill game worthy of its name, since most of the games after 3 didn't really feel like a silent hill game at all. 4 was a great game but it didn't even take place in silent hill...and it had ghosts. Homecoming was too action oriented and the storyline was forgettable. Shattered memories had absolutely no combat what so ever, and it had boring chase scenes and bad puzzles. And Origins did a good job but the cult part of the story was lame. But after all these unworthy SH games, we get Silent hill downpour, and trust me, this game is worth playing. But be warned, if you are not a fan of the series, you might have some trouble with this game.

The game is about Murphy Pendalton, and he is basically a prisoner stuck in silent hill for various reasons. I don't really wanna say that much about the story, because i don't wanna spoil any part of the story, but if you are expecting a good storyline, you gonna get one. Downpour's story is probably the best in the series(no joke). Also, this is a pretty challenging game, you can only wield one melee weapon at a time, and they break after a while. You can also find guns in this game, but its hard to find one and ammo is scarce. There are 6 endings in this game, and the secret ending is not a UFO ending, but if you are a fan of the series, you will definitely enjoy it.

Now let me explain the bad part of this game. There are alot of technical issues such as framerate drops, which kinda gets annoying sometimes. Combat is challenging, but to be honest it isn't that great, enemies can be pretty cheap sometimes. And also, the enemy design is...pretty bad. Probably the worst in the series. And this gmae doesn't really have any boss battles..except for one. This game is kinda made of fans of the series, if this is going to be your first SH game, you will probably have trouble with the combat, its pretty clunky. But if you are a SH fan, most of us are used to it. This game is not for casual players. I'm not trying to offend casuals, but if you are looking for a game where you just pick up and play, this game isn't for you.

In the end, this game is flawed, but it is still probably the best SH game i played in awhile. If you are a fan of the series, go for it, its worth your money.




Replay value: Worth playing multiple times

Final Score: 8.5

I used to be a fanboy. Oh god I was stupid!

I was looking through my old youtube account i stop using, and when i went on agian, i had alot of replys on my inbox, and most of the replys were hate comments. I was wondering why would they do that, and since i forgot what I wrote, i checked the comments i wrote on the videos. I found out what I wrote, and i was literaly like...OH GOD WHY. I can't believe i was so immature 3 years ago! I was apparently saying stuff like "This game sucks! Final Fantasy is way better!" or like "Cod sucks! Mgs is better than this crap" and such. All i can say is, I feel pretty ashamed of myself. I can't believe i actually said that, and i couldn't believe that i considered myself as a gamer back then. I feel horrible. And come to think of it, i play MW2 with my friends before, and they were pretty fun. Now I know that what I did was wrong, and I will never do something like that ever agian.

Fatal Frame I

I just finished Fatal frame I. It was a great game, but its seriously unforgiving. Flims(basically ammo for your camera) is extremely scarce, even more than the original resident evil games and the silent hill games. Sure the weakest film is always found at save points, but they barely do anything. And the voice acting is horrible. HORRIBLE I SAY. But this game is probably the scariest game ive ever played. I usually never get scared, but this game was the first game that actually scared me for the first time in gaming. And the game length is fairely decent and the storyline is superb. The one big concern i had about this game is that, 80% of the game was backtracking. the mansion is small and you have to keep on backtracking alot, more back tracking than the RE games. And some of the enemies have unfair advantages, and they do alot of damage to you. in conclusion, if you want a nice scare and looking for a good horror title, play it. If you hate backtracking, then don't. But I highy recommend it.

The new DmC

Dante isn't really Dante anymore...and the thing is, the creators say that he's Dante in his teenage years, but his face stil doesnt look like Dante. even if you give him long white hair and his ****c outfit, he will still look like a completely new person. And the devil trigger is stupid, unlike the previous games, its not a power/resistance boost and health recovery, it just sends foes flying into midair and freezing them. how on earth is this supposed to work on huge bosses? Another complaint i have is the enemies. They look stupid. Demon robots? what is this madness.

But overall, I'm still looking foward to it. The gameplay still looks like dmc, even though it looks slower. I just hope capcom doesn't screw up agian and makes another dmc2, it was a good game, but for a dmc game, it was bad. But we just have to wait til the gmae comes out to judge whether its a bad game or not.

My honest opinion on Metal gear solid 1 (PS1)

To be honest, it was a alright game, it wasn't really what i expected. Its a good game with a good concept, but i wish it had better gameplay. I'll first start with the good parts of the game. It had a really good storyline, the voice acting is amazing for a PS1 game, since most games in that time had terrible voice acting (CV, SH1,etc). Also, the bosses were epic and the game had alot of originality. The bad part is, that SHOOTING SUCKS your handgun and assault rifles were almost completely useless because aiming doesn't really work well in this game. And also , why can't you roll? i never really found out how to dodge Rex's missles, they always hit me for some reason. And also, backtracking. the part where when you have to go alllll the way back to get the sniper rifle to take down wolf waspointless and stupid. And the hounds are really annoying. And even though the storyline is really good, the cutscenes were kinda...too long. And you can't skip codec. But still, this game entertained me. The metal gear series never really dissapointed me, and i still think this game deserves to be one of the best PS1 games out there. I have yet to play MGS2, but i look foward to being able to play that game, it looks very promising.

Thanks for reading, and excuse my poor english, even though I'm American -___- I'm not very good at writing(typing) but I like to express my opinions to people.

I hate how people only care about graphics and multiplayer in games these days.

I was playing FF7 at school on my psp one day, and my friend started watching me play for a while. And he told me, " Dude, no offence, but this game looks terrible, i mean look at the graphics, how can you play crap like this?" and when he said that, I got really mad. Seriously, is graphics all that matter these days? And one other thing is, people only care about FPS games, which...kinda ticks me off.

First of all, I don't hate FPS games, i thought MW2 was pretty cool. But what I'm trying to say, is that I hate people who diss a lot of good games just because they arn't FPS games. Seriously, like IGN. I hate when they give games low scores because they think the game is " repetitive". I mean, they gave Halo reach a 9.5, but isn't that game repetative also? :/ you just shoot, run and kill people.

I miss when games where actually good, like some of the final fantasy games. Good storyline, good gameplay, everything a game needed to be good. Now games these days are all mindless games that only have good graphics.But to be honest, in a time like this, i guess graphics do matter, but i just don't like it when people judge a game byits graphics.

What do you guys think? This is all my personal opinion, and I love to hear everyone's opinions

Persona 1

This game needs wayyyyyyyyy more love man. Yes, the gameplay looks aged and it a slow paced game, but its still a good game. Its definatly a game worth trying out, but i recommend the psp version since the graphics and gameplay is improved, and its not as hard as the original PS1 version, since Revalations; Persona is concidered one of the hardest Rpg games ever

Top 5 most overrated square enix games

5. Kingdom hearts

Kingdom hearts isn't bad. But its overrated. Just cuz its an action final fantasy game it doesnt mean it good. And to me, sora was annoying. i liked Kingdom hearts 2 though, it was impressive.

4. Final fantasy X-2

Most people thought this game was better than FFX, butit isnt. its too short, storyline doesnt make sence, and the battle system is mediocre. And Riku is annoying, seriously.

3. Final fantasy 13

Do you wanna play a game that plays its self? do you want to play a game that is 75% cutscene and 25% game play? D you want to play a Role playing game that has no towns and no extra bosses? i dont think so.And believe me, the ffXIII boards in gamespot is basiclly a board that is filled with ff13 hate

2. Crisis core: Final fantasy 7

This game is basiclly a prequal of ff7. graphics are good, storyline is good, but gameplay? hell no. this game is wayyyy too easy, bad combat, has a chaotic leveling system, and filled with pointless mini games. my second least favorite ff game

1. Final fantasy 7.

FF7 is overrated. Why? i mean people always say this game is the best game ever created. it isn't. fanboys think cloud is badass and sephiroth is cooler than anyother ff villan out there. fanboys even cried when aeirth died. The truth is, fanboys dont know that ff7 has flaws. they just cant accept the fact that ff7 has flaws. really they dont. Have you ever thought about this?

Good 2D graphics > bad 3D graphics

just cuz its 3D doesnt mean its good. besides, this game isnt really that great anyway. and ff7 fanboys never played ff4, ff5, or ff6 before, so they have no right to say ff7 is the god of all video games, seriously

final fantasyx-2

Meh, i don't really like the battle system and combat. hmm i don't know, its just that it was kinda too short and the storyline is like...meh. definately my least favorite ff game

Is it me or do I think final fantasy died after 6?

1,2,3,4,5,6 are all medival and original FF games that all have the same concepts. Dragons, airships, good as hell storyline, and a great gameplay that tells graphics to go **** themselves.

But after six, like FF7, final fantasy just got ruined for some reason. Dragons now have jet packs and mechanical on them, airships turned into helicopters, and the storyline some how got worse.

And 7,8,9,10,12, and 13 isn't even a fantasy anymore, its sci-fi :(

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