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Lackluster E3

Well my thougts regarding this years E3 conferences is that it seems both Sony and Microsoft are saying yes new consoles are coming, so here is something for you while you wait.

Nintendo and the wiiu now I hoped this conference would blow my mind but instead it just confirmed my fears, that many third party games for it will be games that allready have been out for other platforms for quite some time.

I really don´t get what market Nintedo is aiming for with the wiiu hell I don´t think nintendo themselves even know.

The biggest surprise for me this year was Ubisoft with the game Watchdogs I think that game took everybody by surprise and kudos to Ubisoft for not having it leak before the conference.

Anyway that´s all from me :)

Gaming sequels

Lately I have noticed that there has been a lot of gaming sequels and less original IP's, it seems that the gaming industry has gone Hollywood on us releasing sequel after sequel and I am all for sequels (as long as they are good) but it would be nice to see something totally new for a change.

Anyway that's all from me