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Toonzome mods

I miss something good! Huntsmen from my perspective the site is not strict but more "nit picky" When I was on the site I asked you (paraphrased) " Is there a way to get rid of old strikes as it going to be really hard if these stay for 10 years and I have to walk on thin ice the whole time" You basically told me to (paraphrased) "tough it out". A while later I got ninja banned, when I found out why I felt it was harsh to permaban me for that (I still do) after many attempts to get back on Speedy Boris basically gave references to my "spam" that went as far as the first week I was on, that to me is just nit picking. It's been a year since I was banned and I feel I should not even bother anymore and wait till I graduate from art school to try again. Something else bothered me in another thread: there you said "We can't talk about this", lol dude you are a mod on a toon site not the CIA. I know of "we may not speak of the banned" rule, but that did not stopped me from getting an "award" and sharing it with a member that wasn't banned.2ry1ste.jpg I don't know what MM said but if I wasn't banned I would have said the same thing...but more esoteric and clever. tongue.gif

This place CHANGED

wow it so white it hurts my eyes

and I can bearly find anything here

it been so long I fogot how the old site looked

I think it was gray

Banned from Toonzone

You have been banned for the following reason:

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

I don't even know what I spammed and I though I was being careful

that place is awesome and I will miss it

Back to college

it seems I can post on tv.com so Ill post here

well it's off to study Digital media design( to be an animator) wish me luck

19th birthday

" Hello warnerbroman,

We at Serebii.Net Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today! today!"
that was nice of them :D