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JOIN MY NEW UNION nintedno nuts

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hi guys ive now started a new union but i can only fully strt if i have atleast 4 starting members so this is for all u nintedno nuts out there join nintedno nuts my union leave a comment on here so i can inivte you ok ty :D :)

my friend codes

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mph: 5340-5675-4424

mario cart: 2362-9396-4699

animal crossing: 3608-4826-6981

lost majic:3093-0840-2256

tony hawk: 3651-4296-4743

if u guys add them plaese send me a messga with your codes so i can add u        also if they dont work plez message me and ill give you the correction

i didnt mean it honest

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this blog is just 2 contridict my other blog about the WII

the name has really grown on me and nintendo allways pull this sort of thing of