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A quck update

1 CBA with top 5

2 a quick up date on the top 3 game i was after this year

Ultimate tenkichi was a let down

Battlefield 3 is rather mundane

MW3 is awsome

Lock and load

ok so i havent got mutch new, i have just bought disgaea 4, up to chapther 5 now :D just got hang of the controls and basic stratagy rules,

i have been playing more WAW and some MW2 (The famas is thebest "untilli unlock M16A4) BF3,MW3 soon

ill soon post a Rivised top 5 games of my life with reasons for being there,and my top 5 worst games of my life

ps3 accounts

ok so iiiowns is abit of a "look at me im the best" sort ofnametag so ive switched once again to simply BradyWard

witch ill keep seeing thats my name XD

all right

yes ive beaten red and found 5 gold leafs that puts me on 2 stars,

im gona gun for black traner card

man i dont know what to put in these things enymore XD to distracted by soul silver

pokemon soul silver

i gon and bought a DS and pokemon soul silver :) prob best pokemon game in ages

im gona beat the leage and transfer my strong pokemon from lg and emerald

now im saving for ultimate tenkichi, BF3 and COD modern warfare 3

Im in love

OMG ive fallen in love with pokemon again, i traded/sold my DS LITE and DS games like 1-2 year(s) ago but i still have a broken DS (dubed gba lite cos top screen is dead XD) and pkmon LG & Emerald, due to recent events ive been more active in the old games pile, but after i beat leaf greens (hardist one to me) leage i felt that (omg ive finaly done it) feeling again which i thought id drained years ago XD. im now playing emerald (my fav gen) again.

stuff of the month 3

word of the month: tecno
food of the month: muffin
tune of the month:super buu theme
Car of the month: The growler
Game of the month: Ultimate tenkiechi


ive mannaged to lock my self outa my psn account and dispite meny efforts to remember my psn pass i come to fail each and every time, the email on it is no longer valid and and will not be reset that way.

because of this im forced tocreate a 2nd accountbut ive got bored of my ps3 and gamesbecause i feel like im doing a job or homework to get my stuff back its not fun.to meny games these days focus on online play to much, so im gettin rid of my ps3/ i have delleted all personal info/ ofline accounts, so theres no turning back now .

world at war

WOW and i tought ps3s ver was bad, my brother got waw for his xbox 360 and its hard to find some one who isnt hacking it so bad there haking zombies jesus (you whould think with a universal report button they whould be rare).

get it on ps3 ffs it a 1/30 chance you find a hacker on xbox its a 1/1 chance

i thing my brother wasted 2000g

stuff of the month 2

word of the month: clamore
food of the month: apples
tune of the month: Final Fantasy VII - Birth of a God
Car of the month: Ferrari F40
Game of the month: pokemon blue