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Malakoff Rockfestival, deviantART, Monkeys, oh my!

It's been, what, one and a half years since my last update?

Anyway, schools has been over for a while now.. was in Bulgaria with nine other friends not too long ago. I must say, it can get pretty crazy down there. Only a couple of days until my town's rock festival, Malakoff Rockfestival, begins. Really looking forward to it. Big names like Kaizers Orchestra, Turbonegro, Motorpsycho and many more... going to be sick. The festival is in the little town knows as Nordfjordeid, and is on the west coast of Norway. Be-a-utiful place, actually.

Since the last update, I've started my own deviantART page. Although...I haven't worked too much on my art this year. But if you want to check it out, go ahead. I actually found an old Gamespot friend on the site, and he's got some pretty cool stuff going on. Check it out here: Linkydoodle.

Due to the lack of games that have come out, I started playing some old adventure klassiks such as Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlandis, Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island™, Monkey Island™ 2: LeChuck's Revenge™ and The Curse of Monkey Island™. These games are filled to the brim with awesome, and I just can't get enough of them! I tested out the special edition of Monkey 1, but it's just not the same... AT ALL. There's just something about pixels and pixel art. It's just plain awesome. But Monkey Island 3™'s $tyle was also great! The art, animation, was great! Just imagine what they could do with today's technology! That was back in '97. Broken Sword was also a fantastic point and click game. It's a real shame that we won't be seeing more of point and click adventures... They were the best. I tried Tales of Monkey Island, but it's just not the same. But I can't wait for Tim Schafer's Brütal Legend! Looks siiiick! Oh, and I wonder whatever happened to Ron Gilbert's (one of the famed LucasArts men behind Monkey Island) new project: Death Spank. Described as "Monkey Island™ meets Diablo"... yes, please!

Other than that, there isn't really that much to say. Starting my last year of high school soon... going to rock, I guess. This year it's my turn to be a russ!


Halo 3- Finishing the Fight

Wow... That's all I can say. This game is amazing. I live in Norway, and I noticed Halo 3 on the shelf in the electronics store Expert. I picked the game up on monday.

First things first: I haven't written any spoilers! :)

Now, the visuals: awesome. After the screenshots from the beta, I wasn't really convinced. My hype lowered and lowered, but when I started the game, I fell in love! :) The motion blur is not overdone. No motion blur in multiplayer, but doesnt really effect the awesomeness. ;) Textures look lovely, and Master Chief's armor never looked more awesome! ;)

Cinematics in the game have a lighting that feels perfectly real. Espescially on Master Chief.

MP looks great. Even when the screen is split into four, it still looks crystal clear. I can't play online, though. If I do, I'll be banned from Xbox Live for 9999 years :P

The soundtrack is great. The orchestrated music sounds lovely. =)

The story is really good. I wasn't at all dissapointed.

The game lasts for about 10-15 hours. It's pretty short, yes, but it was worth it! ;)

The MP is awesome. Playing with three other friends linked together with four other friends is awesome. ;) All I have to say :D

If nobody believes me, I'll send you a spoiler! ;) I'm too lazy to post a pic of me and the start up screen in the background and the lunchbox in my hands :P Not only was it released two weeks early here in Norway, it was also a special edition. It came with tin box, with a little booklet inside with all sorts of information; story, characters, vehicles, weapons, etc. It also comes with an extra dics that contains extras. If I feel like it, I'll post a couple of pics. :)

This game is AAA guaranteed.

My rating: 9.5.

400 - Wooey!

That's right. I've surpassed 400 in the number of games I own. Wooey! (:


Cardinal: fourhundred

Ordinal: 400th


Factorization: 24 * 52

Roman Numeral: CD

Binary: 110010000

Octal: 620

Duodecimal: 294

Hexadecimal: 190

Hebrew: ת (Tav)

Pokemon Diamond


After all these years... I cannot believe that I still love Pokémon. This game has been amazing so far. I picked it up a while ago. I have defeated the Elite Four twice (second was to level). I'm amazed. It's simply stunning. The game is easy to look at, it has great music (not too much above GBA quality). Though, I find that the Ruby/Sapphire tunes were more catchy. I mean, I can remember all of the songs from Ruby.

This game is very entertainin. You should not miss out on this game. Especially if you are a Pokémon fan. The story is great.

I love the way the Pokémon universe looks at Pokémon as their own God. That Pokémon created the universe and the planets.

But I probably enjoyed Ruby more. Anyway, don't miss out! 

My friend code is  4811-3599-2036



Finally! Guitar Hero 2! But...

Well, I finally got Guitar Hero 2. I've never tried this game before, and wow! It's simply amazing! I haven't had this much fun since Wii Sports!

Anywho, the game totally screwed up my 360... I guess it's the controller that is fjuked up. I mean, it must have a virus of some sort because the 360 itself won't even start up. Ever since I got GH2... well, it lasted for about 2 days. Now, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to have it replaced. :( If anyone knows a way to fix the problem, please tell me! When I push the on button three red light start blinking/flashing. I've tried disconnecting the power source, etc. Goddamnit! Why did this have to happen!

Afer this accured, I downloaded a program for the PC that is called "Frets on Fire". It's pretty cool. You use the keyboard, but a new update let's you use the 360 controller. Though, there is some sort of delay in the custom songs. I downloaded about 400 songs. :P Most of the were crap, but... :)

Here's the link.




New banner, avatar and sig! :)

Here is the sig. Got it at www.wiitag.org.  The avatar is kind of screwed up. :P The banner looks ok, for me... it's just that there isn't anything about games in it. Haven't installed Photoshop on this computer yet. Did the banner in paint. :P Sometimes the banner disapears to the one I had earlier, so... yeah. Anyways, hopefully I'm getting some Wii points for OoT. Looking forward to playing the game. Soon, I will either release some new "fan art" or a new issue of "This World" (my "comic"). I'm not sure though. A lot of school here and there. :) But if anyone have any ideas, feel free to send be a PM. I will gladly put new ideas in the new issues. (that is, if I make new issues) :O I'm planning on going to a graphical art school. I love to draw, so. :) If anyone wants anything drawn... feel free to PM me. Well, of course, it depends on the request. :P Wap
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