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My frustration with GameSpot

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I have been a visitor of the site for over a decade but never decided to open an account because I didn't see much of a reason. I wasn't big on blogging and you still get the same content without having to be a member. But I recently open an account for a number of reasons. For starters, I was upset that when CBS Interactive purchased Giant Bomb, they decided it was necessary to lay off a number of GS Editors and other behind-the-scenes people. They didn't even wait. They announced the acquisition on a Thursday then laid off people on a Monday. But it also made no sense the people they laid off. Their Sports Editor was new to the site and he was never really given an opportunity to succeed in the role. They kept their Fighting Editor but tossed away the Sports Guy. I bet it had something to do with his ethnicity since GameSpot is pretty WASPY. I love how they employ Transgendered and Homosexuals but if your ethnicity is not White American, you're free to go. (Actually Ethnicity is a huge problem in games press; it's a Whiteboy world and foriegners stand no change. If you want to work in gaming and your last name isn't easily pronounceable, you better stick to making the games.) They also got rid of a News Editor. GameSpot now only has one News Editor who works out of their office in NYC. To make matters worse, there was a huge hub-bub on Twitter last week when GameSpot failed to source GameInformer in their GS News Video regarding GTA V. If any other site had done that to GameSpot, I'm sure they'd make a big deal about it and complain. Then there is the content on this site, or lack of content. On The Spot essentially was the pioneer of video game shows. IGN tried to copy it, they failed. 1Up had their fantastic show, but when they were gutted, those guys got laid off and then created Area 5/Co-Op. I have no idea why GS decided to stop their video shows. Even shows like Mount Stupid have ceased production. I know they lost a lot of people who were offered better opportunities at GamesRadar but not creating new and engaging video content is extremely disappointing. I know that evolution is necessary in this business, but I don't think the people in charge of GameSpot know what they are doing. The fact that there isn't even a proper E-i-C in place to control the ship makes me worried that there are further changes coming and the GameSpot so many of us knew and loved will cease to exist. With Polygon and eventually other sites making waves and doing some incredible things to entice gamers and readers, I can only expect GameSpot to lose its #2 rating and plummet. They may have CBS money but I could see them jumping ship if there isn't the readership. Also, please stop with the eSports coverage. It was a gaming fad that has quickly disapated. Having these gamers appear on your videos isn't increasing brand visbility. eSports is niche and will never be a mainstream thing; stop wasting everyone's time. That's it for me. I just needed to get things off my chest and even if no one reads this, I'm glad I threw this out there.