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It comes quick

Wow. I believe I've been on this site for 4 years now. It's amazing how much time I once devoted to this site-then came the changes. You add this, delete that, reformat this and that; taking away one thing at a time. Sadly there is only so much that one can take before it's gone. Over these years I've read blogs of differing view point: beliefs, race, sex(views that is), education, location, and any other details that one felt they could share. Such interesting stories. There's not much at this point I can really tell you that many of you have not read before. If anyone would like to follow me anymore then feel free to. Come find me at twitter(@Newfie Big Mack), facebook or even xbox LIve(GT Newfie Big Mack. Until I find another site to blog then this is it. Ciao everyone.

When you're 13...

Life seems pretty cool. You get up and go to school, get weekends off, get money from your parents and occasionally hear a cuss word. That's like the highlight of any kids life. Then, as your get older, it's how you express yourself and talk in general. And as middle age starts sinking in, you're hear it from your boss who is on the rant of firing you. Seems funny how one would come to this sight and see the sight of an asterisk covering up your word-how dare they infringe on your right to self-expression?

I've been away from this sight and have been faking a return every once in a while, and have noticed that the 'All Might Asterisk' has been dethroned. It would appear as though they have decided to throwout the old censorship rules, and have a new, more hip system? Speaking from personal thought(as if it would be personal any other way), I would have to say that I am not a fan of the new censorship rules. I actually enjoyed seeing the asterisk because it made a blog, comment, or forum post stand out more. You would read along and one word would be censored, forcing one to figure out what the mystery word would be. As easy as they may have been, it was still forcing one to stop and making it a blog with swearing as you are more than likely to read passed a swear word by itself than one that is censored.

During that post, I had mentioned that your would read over a swear word then stop. A reasoning for this possible reason is as so: swearing has become mainstream; people ranging from kids, teens, freshly graduated college students, your boss(employers fall into the latter-assholes) and even grandparents. So..with everyone speaking as though swearing was their mother-tongue, it is plausible that one would simply read over it because we have become numbed by the word(s).

Of course swearing has the power to stop. When you yell swear words, they're most likely to stop and stare at you(little dry humor). With all of this aside swearing is cool....at a certain age. Before you get out into the world of high school, college, university and for the unfortunate-work; swearing was always cool. When you first heard the word(s) from your friend, you promptly were shocked but amazed by it because it seemed "cool" and "awesome". So with yet another plausibility in my reason, this is something that can stay with some, taking us back to the first topic of "standing out".

It seems fitting that I should end this as a three topic rant, as most people appear to use three or more points when arguing a point or about Politics. Sadly I do not have a third point as this is just a blog. Writing a blog, facebook status, tweet, or any other form of writing on any website or social media platforms, doesn't really do much. I have heard about the Florida face eating zombie, but in regards to me (not)watching the news footage, writing a tweet or f-book status, it's not going to do anything. Posting about Kony brought awareness to people, yes, but it didn't change anything. Someone told me that kony is, "On the WORLDS most wanted list." That's great...but irrelevant. The picture isn't the same as the, "If you seen this man, please call...etc...etc", it's just him-they know where he is...Africa. I'm pretty sure that he's been there for a while. Not understanding the ideology behind this last paragraph? That writing blogs, tweets or other way in which to post a thought, does not help a situation, problem or attitude towards censoring. It brings awareness to the fact, but it doesn't solve it. A sign at a park may say that "bears may attack" but that doesn't solve any problems. What *new* knowledge was bestowed upon your cranial cap that you've now surpassed Hawkins himself that reading the sign did? Most people if they don't know what to do with a bear around, without a warning, then it isn't going to help if they see a sign that says bears may attack.I will now backtrack to my original thought as I have gone astray in thought.

It does bring awareness to it, but in order to be solved you need to get up and do something helpful. And why is this relevant to this blog about censorship? Because me writing the blog isn't going to change anything, it's merely something I thought one should write for the sake of writing. Swearing is an everyday part of life word. Did you know that writing a swear word is grammatically correct? It was deemed acceptable as it mde sentences less redundant. For instance, take the following scenario: A man is at work-payday- and is being ever so nonchalant about the people around him; he's getting paid. You're first weeks cheque is there and you unfold it, gracing upon your eyes the sum total, of which you made for hours worked, minus the high amount for insurance, you are pleased that this cheque will go towards bills only, no food. This prompts you to utter the extremely long phrase "Those thieving crooks(notice the redundant word ploy) took more money than they were supposed. Bunch of, no good, dirty rotten, scoundrels." See how long that is? It's long, boring and pointless. With proper grammar, one would have written, "Greedy F**KING bastards!". Censored or not, people will swear and some are not going to be immune to it. They hear the 'very naughty word' uttered and put up a red flag. Leading to music being labeled, games, movies/dvd's, and even books!. For the droves of people who have been numbed by the shock and awe that is cussing, we merely read along, listen or sing along without being none the wiser. We know it's being said, however that is something that we have been accustomed to, and are not shocked to hear it spoken, therefore one can be partially deaf or blind to the word, where as stated, when spoken it's simply overlooked. So enjoy or dislike, your choice. It will not effect my blogging as I rarely do that anymore anyhow. There will always be the option for those who choose to dislike cussing that they can't censor it manually. Write, swear, read, enjoy-it's your thoughts. Blogging is still a nice way to reach out to random strangers more so than on a bus.

Prometheus:read at own will

The movie opens on earth, where we see a man-alien ingesting a liquid that destroys his body. Dissolving in the water, we are opened to the title with the same style as "Aline"; the letters appearing one line at a time. From here we jump to the main part. We see two archeologists finding artifacts(map) that are similar to other civilizations separated by thousands of years. Of course being the style of movie it is, the people soon realize it's an invitation and decide that they must travel to it. Enter LV-223.

One will find that the planet-or moon-is eerily similar to the one that is seen in '79 Alien, however, this is not the case as it is part of the same system. So with this in mind we continue along, with the crew descending upon the planetoid. Computer readouts state the planet having some viable levels of oxygen, but with the unfortunately high amounts of carbon dioxide; death in minutes. Knowing this, the crew scour the rock to a set of caves(face like structure) where the jars are found, along with a space jockey who has lost his head. A crew member takes a sample of said jars and bring it upon the ship. During this time the head is also brought on board. The head is not dead as it is brought back to life but frozen so afterwards. The member of the crew who brought aboard the jar has now infected a fellow crew member with a small sample. The infected member goes through horrible symptoms before being burned to death. The goo is now known to be a bio-weapon of sorts.

With samples from the head and jar, they find that the goo has the same genetic makeup as human DNA, therefore they are named the creators of *us. With the ability to create life- speculated intentions. There is also the possibility that it was engineered as a weapon with disastrous fallout. In any case the DNA matches and this is where "we" have come from. The infected person inadvertently infects his wife and she gives birth to a face-hugger-ish creature.

the crew is killed by a thing(watch the movie) and is killed in turn. 4 surviving crew go to the ship(cave) and awaken the engineer. It turns belligerent and kills 3/4 of them. We then see the iconic scene of the chair rising from the bottom, as the engineer sits in it and prepares to leave for earth. The remaining crew of Prometheus crash into the ship and it falls to the ground. One more crew member is killed until there is one person left. she records the message and sets off to find their home world.

Things are missing from this as you must watch the movie.

Say it 3 times. I dare you

And you know what will happen? Lots of stuff. Well not lots. But I'm certain that something amazing will happen, right? Probably not. It's not like some ghost is going to come out of a mirror and say, "Boo! You said my name three times. That's entitles me to kill you. Don't believe me? It's in the rules book." But seriously, think about it for a moment. So the premise of Paranormal Activity 3...stuff hits the fan. Well ghostly feces which wouldn't really make a difference. The point is it's a movie centered around two girls who have huge balls. How huge? They say 'Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror. That's right. Two little girls embark on the harrowing journey to the bathroom; and say it three times. Nothing happened. Well until the trailer is coming to a close and Mary's all, "Surprise, bitches, I'm here." What does this all mean? Well nothing actually. There is a danger posed to it though. And I'm being legitimate. You have the risk of tripping over anything and hitting the door knob. Not a big deal? You could damage you retina, break blood vessels around your eye, causing intense swelling or you could just cut your forehead. Look here's the thing, if a ghost was really into killing they wouldn't wait until you said your name. Is there some built in GPS in every kid, so that when they say this limerick Mary can go, "Ah yes, Bill B. That's the kid who lives in Sacramento. Hmm gonna be a long trip there. Best wait for some other kids in the mid-Western sates to say it. It'll save me time". I lost point to my blog...let me try and gather my thoughts. So to start:Paranormal Activity 3(actually first) is about girls living with a ghost? The first(2nd) and second(3rd) centered around them as adults. I don't really get the premise of the movies. Was there something I missed? It's about people who seem religious or moderately religious; and I'm not ragging on religion, I just don't get why they would freak and say "A spirit came in and hauled me across the room. IT HURT!" Maybe I'm delusional but isn't it somewhere in the book(Bible) that Jesus says 'The dead know nothing'. You tell me. If that's true then what you're telling me is BS. So the dead, who know nothing, have thoughts/memories that "hey, I used to murder people back in my day or I was a rel a$$hole. So I'm continuing that trend when I'm dead". Doesn't add up to me. Don't believe in ghosts? Then your atheist of course. I mean that's obvious. You cannot not believe in ghost and not be atheist. Well you kind of can. I know people who believe in God and will call this bs. Although the movie does look promising. It's promising to be better than the others. It may be. And what defines bloody Mary anyways? What happens if you say it and the alcoholic beverage pops into existence? Will it kill you with too much Vodka? the only sound conclusion is that THEY'RE KIDS. That's right-KIDS. Kids will believe most things you tell them. Some kid says Bloody Mary or Candyman or whatever incarnation you have them recite and they will see stuff. Why? Imagination. Plain and simple. When you become an adult you grow out of these things for many reasons: 1)If you summon some girl into you bathroom with you and lets say you're married or have girlfriend. How long before your a$$ gets kicked to the curb. 2)You'll be too busy from your two-three dead end jobs to even a)scream or b)run or c)both. So basically you have no energy to stand in front of the mirror to even recite it. 3)You probably don't even have a house to look into a mirror. Yes the movie looks ridiculous but I'll watch it because it looks like it could be fun.

Please come back

So there is a facebook page called come back to tv.com or whatever. It's nice that someone decided to take the time and create a fb page for this. Guess facebook has it uses. Also my sarcasm detector just exploded. Which is sad. Guess I'll have to get it fixed at a shop lol. Anyways....blog. So the playoffs are almost over. And Vancouver is blowing it? It's hard to say. As much I dislike Vancouver-the team that is, not the town; I would like the cup to come to Canada. It's been 18 yrs. since the cup has been brought home.

Recently I was downtown with some friends when they ran into some guys who make youtube videos. They're titled Newfoundlander vs. It's awkward when everyone around is going crazy over some random dudes when you don't know who they are. So I watched the videos and they weren't overly great. The videos consist of two guys, Buddy and Skip, who show what certain things are like Newfoundland. Well not really. The videos I watched were them doing 2L milk chugs where they throw up in the end and drinking screech. If you don't know what screech is then google it. But from what I here it's gross. the videos just have them doing random things and complaining about this and that filled with swearing. They also love Vienna sausages. But they're awesome so who cares. They're not the best videos but just some guys goofing around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-fcI07fPrE&feature=channel_video_title The video is gross so watch at your own discretion. I'm not going to actually link it because if someone gets offended I don't want to get a TOS violation. Also I'm not encouraging drinking. Especially not under age. So don't attempt what they did in the video....you can probably die of alcohol poisoning. Please Drink Responsibly. Again user walkerdoug does not condone drinking underage and I'm not promoting alcohol. So there should be no reason for a TOS violation.

Alright so this blog is pretty much going nowhere. I'll find something better next time.

What do you want?

So working at Zellers has been quite interesting. I find it more enjoyable. So some funny things so far this week at work. One was a mother who had a good choice of words. So her little boy and her just came from McDonald's;he had a Rio toy, and she said to her son "It's o.k. Just go get in the cart and play with your bird." Now the mom realized what she said and laughed. It was a cute play on words. So today...wonderful. People do NOT deserve to have monsters that they're not going to LOOK after. And don't get me wrong, I like kids, just not other peoples kids. And by people I mean the ones who don't..do...anything. Some kid lost his parents and decided to come up to the customer service desk. Good on the kid for doing that right. Now unfortunately the kids memory was not so good. Granted he's 5 and possibly scared but try and help. First he didn't know the difference between mommy and nanny. His grandmother turned out to be his mommy while nanny was just nanny. He knew his mom had clothes on just not the color. Her shirt was white-actually black with white flowers. The name was called out FOUR times. Yes four. The grandmother was in the building as well as the father. The mom was outside so she can be forgiven...somewhat. Neither the father or grandmother came up saying they lost their son. Really? You just happen to forget that you have some 20-3o lbs. human being lagging behind you that you help make. The kid didn't even know his name. So either they were trying to lose the kid or they're complete idiots.

And the woman who: wanted a refund then went to buy items; then refund them and buy them again with the same money that was just refunded on a gift card we gave her previously for the first items she wanted refunded; ask for a discount that had ended already; almost have a emotional breakdown because nothing you want made sense; and finally not take the change that was rightfully yours. Confusing? It was for me and the four other people who were like 'What?'.

If you don't have an iphone...

Well you don't have an iphone. I just like that commercial because it states the obvious. It's like the red bull commercials. I guess people need to be told what they have or don't have. And yes, the iphone may have all of this but I still don't have one. I get it, it's an awesome phone. How do I know this? Because you tell me it is. Take for instance the Rogers commercial where the guy would always have a phone that never dropped calls. Granted it's because he has Rogers but still who cares. If you don't have an iphone than you have a regular phone. Perhaps even a blackberry.

So lately I've been playing the halo series a lot. I'm trying to 1k both halo wars and halo 3. However, not having the required dlc for HW, I shant be doin' that anytime soon. So the psn went down due to those hackers and everyone freaked. People I knew anyways. But that's old new now. Bin Laden dying made facebook news. By that I mean a lot of people started posting how he was the best person at hide and seek. He had some stiff competition. Although I don't quite get how people figured that out. How are they basing this game of hide and seek? Is it based on the fact that your hidden and still alive? Or can one be dead? And this idea that the world is more free? Wait, what? The world may be less dangerous but it's always been free, hasn't it? Soon enough someone will idolize him because that's what people like to do. I bring this up 'cause I was at a coffee shop and this group of men were shooting the bull. that crap you see on t.v where a bunch of people get together and talk like they know everything does happen. But, you know, to burst their bubble, they don't. You're all just saying what you heard on the news. This is all just an opinion of mine. I know what they were talking about but they don't need to gather in a group and repeat everything they heard on the news. Come up with your own ideas. Have an opinion on the matter at hand. That's pretty much all I'm saying.

Rebecca Black. The girl who is made popular by....YOU! Oh! You hate that song Friday? I never noticed because everyone keeps talking about it. They say everyone watched her video because they thought she sucked. She couldn't have sucked to bad because she got like what, a million hits or more? The lyrics make no sense? It's a song. Half the crap people listen to doesn't make any sense. The girl likes the weekend. Who doesn't? If she came up with a song called Monday and how Mondays suck people would complain. "Which seat can I take?". Well it's totally up to her. Watch the video and you'll see she takes the back middle. So there was an option for her. So if you don't like the song then stop giving it such notoriety. I get that people are allowed to hate stuff. But don't hate something that you've made popular by conforming. The song isn't totally bad.

In closing I would like to say a few words. Which is actually going to be lots of words. If something bothers you that much(like a song) then blog about it. Because not only do people not have to hear your whinny voice, they also don't have to read it. Or post it on facebook. That's where people go to post random, nonsensical status updates that are so cryptic cryptographers would say, "da eff does that mean?". And don't get offended when some asks what's wrong when you put 'rotted' as your status. Also with facebook stop calling people who browse all your pictures creeps. You post stuff on an open peer site. Make pictures exclusive to only a sole few. Or don't post pictures at all. I look at a couple pictures and I'm a creep? If you have the right to look through all of my pictures and not be a creeper; then I have the right to unfriend.

People just become boring

Wow! So it's been a little over a year since I've last written a blog on here. So what has changed in that one year? I know it may not interest people yet that's what blogs are for; like people who post these cryptic statuses on facebook. So I've recently quit my job at McDonald's. I'm surprised that I could last there for as long as I did. But I had to quit. Management at this other store was....sub-par at best. My grandfather died about 3 months ago which was really unfortunate or fortunate depending on how you view it. The worst thing about it was that a his doctor thought he was goin' to pass away a week before the tenth and called everyone home. So I went home then went back. After coming back into the city and working for 2 days he died on the 10th. Weirdly enough it was exactly 1 month before my dads birthday. So I've been job searching these past few days and have to work at Zellers at 4 this Monday. It's work but it's not McDonald's. I've recently tried the beta for gears 3 and I enjoyed it. Seen the new movie Thor and thought it was alright . Bought myself Kinect back in December as my Christmas as my gift to me. I have 5 games in total; including the Kinect adventures that came with it. Of the five games, that's the only one that I play. What else is there to say? Not much really.

A dark poem

My mind has become obfuscated.
I know longer know what I want.
There is just too much confusion.
I tried numerous times yet….
Failure seemed inevitable.

Day after day I would think of you.
Nothing else would cross my mind,
Nothing else made me smile.
Now that time has seemed to expire.
You've absconded from my mind.

Through these tedious and wretched months
I feel that we have drawn apart.
There is nothing there anymore.
The spark, not to sound like a clichéd romance novel,
Has dwindled and faded away.

The amount of time wasted on idle chat was all for not;
For in that time we learned nothing of each other.
The only thing that grew in the relationship was distance.
Exponentially increasing as the days grew longer.
If only we weren't pertinacious, we could have survived.

Alas our relationship concluded to be facetious.
The obstinate lack of feeling is what destroyed it.
The pride in saying "sorry" was too much to swallow,
For chauvinism was what started it.
All it really took was "I love you."

A poem for Valentines

I can be your light
When you're lost in the dark;
I can be an umbrella
To keep you dry in the rain.

I can be your sleeve
When your heart gets broken;
I can be an ear
That listens to you.

I can be the blanket
That keeps you warm at night;
I can be an arm
That holds you when you cry.

I can be a crane
To pick you up when you fall;
I can be the joke
That makes you laugh.

I can be a chair
When you get tired;
I can be a pillow
When you head hurts.

I can be a car
To take you away;
I can be anything you want,
But I cannot be there forever.