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my revised nagage list.

Here's my revised nagage list... I have more info than I did at my last post as well as more of the games.
it's not a large list... with only a few titles that definitely exist (I've seen real, non-stock photo pictures). The rest of the games for the Ngage I own. most new & sealed. some not, but almost all mint & complete. anyway, here's the list... if you see any of these Ngage games in your travels, please think of me. Maybe we can work something out... I honestly don't want to pay the prices these remaining games demand... but I'm open to a lot...
* Alien Front - prototype only
* Asphalt Urban GT 2 - exists ($111+)
* Atari Masterpieces Vol. I - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $60-90)
* Atari Masterpieces Vol. II -Exists - very rare ($40)
* Barakel: The Fallen Angel - English version super rare. was released only in europe, most commonly hidden on a Blade Trinity Making Of video promo card bundled with the Spanish release of the N-Gage QD
* Civilization - Possible review kit and DL only
* Flo Boarding (pack-in, Europe only)
* HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion - DL only MMO in Asia.
* Mile High Pinball - exists very rare ($60-$75)
* Moto Cross Freestyle - Spanish only release
* Payload - never officially released but was available to DL for money but no longer.
* Resident Evil N-Virus - possible DL only.
* Sangofighter - non-US only? (d/l available, Chinese game)
* Snakes - (available on mmc and d/l)
* Sega Rally - exists - super rare - sells for an average of $400-500!
* Space Impact - exists in 3 forms. a pack in for a small portion of the US consoles, complete with a case. a digital DL and an "extra" on the QD support disc.
* Taito Memories - prototype only
* TechWars - Spanish QD release only
* Virtua cop - prototype only
* Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death - exists ($75)
* X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $30-70)
* Super Fighter Block Battle - (was a free d/l)

I had quite a busy weekend that started thursday...

this was a really big one... a REALLY big one... it was my birthday weekend and my family went CRAZY on me... I got LOTS of gifts and attention... including a handful of milestones here -

20+ PSP games.
200+ NES games.
100+ SNES games.
officially past 3000+ games again.

anyway, best birthday weekend ever... in my whole life!

new 360 dashboard update - worst yet.

I know, I have complained at every update they have made since the 360 Blade era... but hear me out... the previous updates were at least moderately tolorable... this new one takes all the stuff I didn't like and pushes it all in my face to an extreme.

first off, it's extremely bias against those of us still on standard tube TVs under 40 inches. hard to read anything on the screen now... ANYTHING. before it was just a few things I couldn't read... like gamer score, messages, friends number...I'm sorry I spend money on games instead of a new TV...

second, the new browsing is tedious... extremely tedious... getting to things that used to take a few seconds now take almost a minute.

third, shoving social networking and "apps" in my face. EFF YOU I don't want that **** in my phone, I don't want that **** in my PC and I sure as hell don't want it on my TV.

Forth, the game marketplace - destroyed. it is destroyed. no more proper browsing ever again... enjoy the jumble/cluster-****. way to go...

fifth, more forcing Kinect down our throats... first off, Kinect is bias against people who can't move around much if at all... so already it's a horrible thing... but for people who really don't want it, it's not fair to shove it in our faces. moreover, how many people are aware that kinect records everything you say and do and sends it to microsoft and its partners unless you specifically tell it not to in the settings menus? (even if the system is off, it keeps recording)

sixth, even more lag and disconnects. are you kidding me here? ever since avatars came into existence the connection has dropped by a staggering amount (I forgot the exact numbers of KPS but each avatar on live drags it down an amount even more so if they use a lot of DLC on them) so all the extra dashboard stuff does what? drain the connection further... even while showing only 3 avatars at a time? great... lag and discons from the dashboard... that's just SUPER...

seventh... only being able to see 3 friends at a time? okay... awesome... now we get to use the guide button list again like we used to back when it was a blade...

I could go one and on... but that's enough for now, I'm going to go play some Star Trek Online till I feel I've played too much.

can you beleive that some people still dont know that EB was bought by gmaestop?

I mean really... how many years has it been? it's laughable.

all they would have to do to notice would be to i dunno... go to and see the "powered by gamestop" and notice that it was the same as the website... or go to one of the stores and notice they pimp the "powerup cards" and pre-orders... or notice the bags say gamestop on them... really... it's pretty unbelievable... but people on this site still aren't aware... crazy right? actually, they even have the gall to call me "an arrogant know it all liar who doesn't know what he's talking about" if you can believe that... I thought they were joking poorly at first but the faact they got more defensive about it just proved they were serious... it's funny how hard people will fight to not admit they were wrong...

5 Common misconceptions of the Saints Row game series.

With "Saints Row the Third" releasing at midnight tonight, I thought I would share some of my experiences with people's unjustified and bias hate... yes, hate towards this amazing series.

#1 - "The GTA Rip-off theory".
This is the most common and most oafish thought. I've heard all sorts of spouting about this... like "That game is just a GTA clone" or "They're just trying to be GTA" or even "It'll never be as good as GTA". With that said, those people are nothing but ignorant fanboys.
GTA games are just not very good... no swimming, bad controls, terrible aiming, poor driving controls...
In saints row 1 and 2 you can swim, the controls are very responsive and easily picked up, the aiming is almost perfect and the driving is near flawless except during a few missions where looking around might be difficult at high speeds...
all that aside, the main thing about GTA that is different from SR is the fact that GTA takes itself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY... the level of violent mayhem in GTA should only be taken seriously in real life... at least in my opinion... and if you're killing cops you should at least have a good reason... which brings me to my second misconception.

#2. - "The it encourages gang violence / poor civil behavior theory" wile the second part may have a little merit, the same can be said for most games... especially GTA... the first part however is is only moderately true. the fact is -this will have spoilers- *The Saints Row games stroylines pan out to show that your "gang" is not a typical street gang... they are mostly concerned citizens trying to over-throw a corrupt mayor and the corporations controlling the other gangs or supplying them with weapons/drugs/cars or what have you*. Sure, some of the members are there for the wrong reasons... like Jonny Gat who just likes killing... a lot... but thr same can be said for those protesters all over the globe right now... the fact is SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING... right? lazy people who sit on their arse and complain to the internet are not doing anything... I think we can all agree about that yes?
and to further elaborate on point one and point two at the same time; Saint's row would never take itself seriously. The fact is, they go out of their way to openly mock themselves... and life... Zombies, ridiculous one-liners, over-use of purple, hilarious parodies of things varying from fast food chains to cars... and to top it off brilliant music choices... and great radio shows.

#3. - "I just don't like GTA-styIe games thing" Well, I got news for ya, I don't either... but for some reason, I found Saints to be great... perhaps the humor, perhaps the fact it takes itself as a joke or perhaps the user-friendly controls... I dunno... all I can say is, I played SR1 and fell in love... and I've played all the GTA games and always left them with a sour taste in my mouth... (since the 3D ones started anyway, I actually liked the 2D ones)

#4. - "I don't wanna be a "gangsta" like all the other ignorant children now a days" - well, I don't either... matter of fact, I don't even let my kids have friends in the house that act like one... but since you can be whoever you want in SR, it's a non-point. Besides, they are all playing GTA... like you.

#5. - "It's just another over-rated open world game" that one I am always confused about, it comes from people who don't like 3rd person shooters usually... but not always... I got nothing substantial to say to that... other than, play SR1 and take down at least one gang and tell me you don't laugh at what your character says at the cut-scene. I dare you.

Anyway, I'm not too worried about SR3 since it's clearly gone WAYYYYYYY over the top to appeal to literally every possible audience... and as long as the core gameplay is the same, it should be epic.

It has a crazy high pre-order numbers and a rating as high as BF3, MW3 and almost as high as Skyrim. so... I don't need to shill any further... I hope to see you all on later ;)

Almost complete collection...

I'm sure most of you already know, I collect games... this story is about a particular type - Ngage games in fact. I used to own an Ngage which was my best friend ever. it was a phone, portable internet, MP3 player and a heck of a gaming console. I had it loaded with every NES game, most SNES games and lots more... and I payed nothing extra... however, like most things in my life, this story is sour... my Ngage was stolen from me by one of my co-workers from when I used to manage a Gamestop many years back... which was odd since we all had Ngages already... but... that's where the sour bits end... I had most of the library already, and after a few years of hard-fought research and scraping my money, I'm replacing my Ngage (thanks to a Christmas bonus) and I have a fairly accurate list of Ngage games that I don't own but may have or definitely have come out.

it's not a large list... with only 6 titles that definitely exist (I've seen real, non-stock photo pictures). The rest of the games for the Ngage (around 60) I own. most new & sealed. some not, but all mint & complete. anyway, here's the list... if you see any of these Ngage games in your travels, please think of me. Maybe we can work something out... I honestly don't want to pay the prices these remaining games demand... but I'm open to a lot...

* Asphalt Urban GT 2 - Unknown
* Atari Masterpieces Vol. I - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $50-70)
* Atari Masterpieces Vol. II -Exists but probably only in PAL
* Barakel - Unknown
* Catan - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $50-80)
* Civilization - Unknown
* Flo Boarding (pack-in, Europe only)
* High Seize - Exists in US!!! - RARE (price unknown)
* Mile High Pinball - Unknown
* Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands - Unknown
* Payload - Unknown
* Rifts: Promise of Power - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $60-90)
* Sangofighter - Unknown
* Snakes - Unknown
* Sega Rally - Possibly PAL only
* System Rush - Exists in US!!! - EXTREMELY RARE (worth $200-250)
* TechWars - Unknown
* Virtua cop - Unknown
* Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death - Unknown
* X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse - Exists in US!!! - RARE (worth $40-70)

fact is, it's one of the few collections, I have a chance of completing without a real life infinite funds code.

Thanks for stopping by gamespotters, you are now free to return to your regularly scheduled programming.