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Some things have been cleared up, I'm back for now!

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hello everyone, this is waco219, remember me?! Well guess what everyone, I'm back on gamespot again, as many of my family problems seem to be cleared up, and I'll be back and posting on my old unions again, mostly the Info Gaming Union, GDU, and possibly some Elder Scrolls Fan Union. Glad to see many of my old friends still posting, and maybe I'll make new ones. See everyone on the forums!

I'm leaving gamespot...

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I didn't want to do this, but I must. Problems with my family have caused me to leave gamespot, and I must resign as leader to my union. Sadly, I must do this, hopefully I can come back some day. Sorry everyone I let down:cry:

Example of what a game design thread may look like...

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I've created this to help you guys who have joined the union but don't have much to do(since there's no board) and are wondering what our union will be all about. Here is an example of what a thread about someone's game design may look like:


Title: Civil Rights

Genre: Adventure

General Description: As a white man who is for segregation at the start of the civil rights movement, experience famous protests and movements right before your eyes(hint you may even participate in the march on Washington). You'll be forced to make some interesting moral choices, and prepare to expect the unexpected.

Gameplay and Backstory: Expect to see a lot of gameplay in the form of timed button presses, or simply just walking around and solving puzzles, more time and energy will be spent in developing the game's story. There is a large backstory that involves the main character's background and family. (your character's name is Daniel Smith). This backstory will be fleshed out in in-game dialogue.

So, everyone please rate my game design, and please help me elaborate in some key areas, gameplay especially, along with fleshing out the story.

My union ideas

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Alright, so I have atleast asked a few of you who may be looking at my profile to be officers in my new union, the Game Designers Universe. You may be wondering what sets us apart from other unions. Let me give you a little background first. I have asked no less than 8 people to be charter members of my union, since I know not all of them will accept. Also, my cousin hendrix29, who has a successful and active union that he's started this year(elder scrolls fan union) has been giving me advice that I think is essential to a great union experience.

This union is designed to get community members involved. People can post ideas for games they had just thought up of in there minds, and then post them on the board. From there, us as members will advance these ideas to the best of our abilities, making a better game than before. We'll also rate the original idea, and high-ranking games will go into the gdu hall of fame(that will take a while). Along with this, we will hold monthly( and eventually weekly) competitions, which will be brand new ideas brought to the table, without being edited by other users. The winners of these competitions will get a cool tag, or may be promoted to officer.

Besides this, we will make our own "console war" of sorts. The union will make-up our own consoles, which both(there will only be two) will have their own unique design and functions. Our own game ideas will go onto these consoles as launch games, big-name games, multi-plat games and more. I will have an officer in charge of this to make the companies in charge of exclusives, and whichever console has the better and higher rated games, will win in the sales war.

We will not be limited to just game design however. The union will also have a lot of general game discussion for what's going on in the gaming world. You must label these threads (GGD) and I will have an officer make sure there are not too many of these threads dominating the boards.

Anyways, the people who have accepted my officer invite are: silentrooster, hendrix29, mewantcookie, and mitrix. Hopefully I can get two more before i start the union.

Edit 1: Console war in-depth plans: anyways, for anyone still reading here are some more in-depth ideas for the console war. Firstly, every game idea you have will have a game name and a developer. Every user is limited to two developers. Being an exclusive developer gains five points to the respective console, multi-plat is three points to a console. After developer sign a deal, every finalized game released will garner points toward the console, and the developer. Games rated below an 8.0 get 1 point. Games 8.0-9.0, get 2 points. 9.0 and above get 3 points. These points go to both the developer and the console. At the end of each month, the console will win in sales depending on how many points it has. Developers points will be kept track of in the archive, where the studio name, games made, and their ratings will be listed.