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TF2 Guest pass anyone?

I recieved a guest pass that I can now use to give to anyone I like so if someone wants a guest pass just PM me and we will see.

2 New reviews+New Avatar

I did a couple of new reviews today and they are long...Oh God so long.I also wrote them one after another and my hands hurt right now :lol:.I recommend both games to anybody but to be more detailed check the reviews.Both of the game have demos as well.I also have a new placeholder avatar until I get something with Geralt of Rivia to put on there.Also I am trying out Vampires The Masquarade Bloodlines today.Got it from a friend. EDIT:Nah i'm gonna keep this Chad Kroeger avatar.

Good God crysis does look amazing

It's official Crysis is awesome.Not too long ago back when the first gameplay stuff arrived I saw crysis as a generic shooter.Not knowing about the NanoSuit and Modifiable weapons made me say that and the great graphics kinda maked me say that.Cause I saw a shooter with just bling bling no win win.I could have never been so wrong in my entire (gaming) life.I mean just wow.Look at the bling bling of the game.It's freaking amazing.That is one of the reasons why the PC is the man and the consoles the women.That is why Crysis and the PC is made of 110% of total pure astonishing WIN.Also look at the gameplay.The modifiable weapon system is amazingly cool.And so is the NanoSuit.Does anyone think that you could control so much WIN with a console controller?Hell naw.The console are made of medium-lose.And bah gawd Crysis is the reason why.And hell next year we will probably see another wave of consoles.But guess what.Far cry 2 is coming out in 2008.And bah gawd it will blow the consoles away.They can have their Halo 3.The most overrated series of all time.We will have Crysis AND Far cry 2.And bah gawd the money that Crysis will make will definatly grant a sequel.Then we will have the battle of the graphics made of WIN.Exclusively on the PC that is made of total undisputed WIN. Also BOOYAKA BOOYAKA.

The ignorance of developers on the best gameing platform

These days it's basiclly consoles right? Probably yeah...but I disagree.If you want to talk graphics you would probably say that the PS3 has the most graphical power.Right?Wrong.The PC has it.By the time the Consoles get to graphic standpoint of Crysis we will have a even better looking game.Although you need a high-end rig to enjoy games on very-high you can still enjoy them at low that looks good too.I have been a low-graphics dude like almost forever.I can play everything new but at low graphics but hell it still looks good.I can play 2004-2005 games on very high but these new games are killing me and my computer.But still low graphics still looks better.And the developers (the few developers that make PC games) optimize their games to work great on older machines (like mine).Hell i might be able to play Crysis and Bioshock but on low.The consoles have 1 advantage though.You don't need to upgrade your hardware to play new games.That is a plus to consoles.But the PC will always have better graphics if exploited right. That was about graphics now about controls.Why do people say that you can't play fighting games on the PC?They control beautifly.I saw some shareware games on the net and they are pretty damn good.The controls too.You can easaliy map the controls and stuff.Also the Mouse+Keyboard control is great and it's better than the PlayStations Xboxes and Wiis.I played GTA San andreas on a PS2 and the controls were horrific.I couldn't shoot anything.I played it on the PC a few days after and the controls were incredibly easy to learn and master.Also you don't need a gamepad to play DMC3 : SE you can play it fine with the keyboard. The genres.All of the genres can be played on a PC.But can you play a Strategy game on a console?Hell no it's much harder to control everything and if you do cross-platform PC players would simply pwn the Xbox players.You can easaly steer your units with the mouse and order them to attack with with the buttons but you can hardly steer the troops and order them with the consoles controls.The only remedy to that problem is the Wii that has a controller similar to the mouse.But the mouse is superior. Consoles?Hell no.PC baby. (this was a rant of a very big PC gamer ONLY and if you disagree and start to spam my PM with flames to start a flame war you will certanly lose to my big huge hands) [also the milion spelling mistakes are legitimate cause it's 3 AM here and I won't start spell check cause I am very very lazy and want to sleep ATM]

World In Conflict Open Beta...

IS AWESOME.This game reminds me so much of Ground Control II.Now that was a great game.The only thing I dislike is that I got disconnected at my first 2 games because massgate is having some problems with their internets.I played my first full game though.I was air support.WOW it's awesome.I am under the minimum requirments but I can still play it at Low.I might even play it at Medium (there is very low-low-medium-high-very high).I'm gonna post some movies about it I think.But anyway for who is in the beta I go by the name Wacky :P.See you on the battlefield comrade (I like USSR ^_^).