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Top 10 games I'm most hyped about.

It is so lovely to feel the need to blog grow back. I did feel like writing a Fire Emblem Awakening review at some point, but then I just kept on playing it instead. Anyways, since I got home from university I've been cheking out the E3 coverage on Nintendo's official E3 site, and here are the 10 games for Nintendo consoles I'm most excited about. Before I start, I would like to mention for the record that since I'm home for my summer break now, there is a chance I'll hang around the blogs. No promises though.

Honerable mention: Duck Tales Remastered


I've been a bit cheaper when it comes to games lately, and chances are I won't get this one, but it's hard not to get hyped by a trailer that has the duck tail theme playing.

Number 10: Bayonetta 2


Main reason it is so low is that almost all the other games on my list are sequels to games I've played. I heard a lot of great stuff about the original Bayonetta, but then I have been burned on overly praised games before *cough* GTA Chinatown *cough*. My biggest concern from what I've seen so far is that the screen will be too crowded. The trailer is pretty sweet though.

Number 9: Zelda: A Link Between World


I'm not as big a fan of ALttP as some of the other Zelda games, nor am I big fan of the artstyle I've seen so far, and all in all, there just hasn't been anything to make me excited about this game yet - although I hope I will be by the time it comes out.

Number 8: The Wonderful 101


It's a new franchise, and I won't be sold on the gameplay until I've tried it. So far, all I can say is I love the artsyle and the crowd morphing idea seems really promising.

Number 7: Pokemon X and Y


The last times I've bought Pokemon games, I have considered skipping one since the franchise doesn't evolve very fast. While I'm not all that excited about the graphical direction of X and Y, when I heard it will have over 700 pokemon I was sold. I for one was not a big fan of Pokemon Black's idea to only include new pokemon. I won't all the pokemon in my pokemon games.

Number 6: Mario and Luigi Dream Team


I thouroughly enjoyed Bowser's Inside Story, but like I mentioned earlier, I might not be buying as many games as before in the future, and unless it brings out something that really attracts my interest, this is on the list of games I might not buy. Luigi's dreams do look pretty crazy though, and I'm all about the crazy dreams.

Number 5. Super Mario 3D World


Super Mario 3D Land was a great game and I'm sure World will be able to compete, though it gives a bit of that "I know exactly what I'm getting into" feeling that makes me less hyped about it than other games. I'm not sure how I feel about the cat suit. As sweet as it looks, I love it when in Mario games I can do something faster than the regular intended way, like get up somewhere I wasn't supposed to or completely bypass a section with skill use of long jump and Tanooki suit. The cat suit lets you climb walls, making most places somewhere you're supposed to reach, and maybe taking some of that joy away from me.

Number 4: Super Mario Bros


(Wow, it's hard to find a picture on google search that is not fans making their own roster pictures)

At first I thought having Wii Fit Trainer as a character was stupid. Then I saw the trailer and realized it was hilarious. As with my number 5 pic, this is a game I will definitely buy and most likely enjoy to no end. Still, so far there are few innovations to peak my hype.

Number 3: Pikmin 3


I have always been one to value gameplay over graphics, but man this game looks pretty. I haven't played either of the first games, but the styIe is charming, the gameplay looks good and I'm more than ready to get familiar with another Miyamoto franchise.

Number 2. Rayman Legends


There are several reasons why I'm hyped about Rayman Legends. One is that Origins was a blast. As a skilled player of platform games I love how Origins incorporated speedrunning by awarding you lums for beating a level in little time. And besides that, the level of game design, lighthearted mood and just overall quality was more than enough to rival Nintendo's best 2D platformers. Another reason is that I'm currently enjoying Rayman Legens challenge app with its two daily and two weekly courses where one competes to get far, get there quickly or collect lums quickly. It feels really good those days I manage to achieve a diamond cup (which only the top 1 percent gets - told you I'm a skilled at platformers) it feels awesome. Only reason it didn't win.



(Actual title: Mario Kart 8)

I've been hoping for a new F-Zero game ever E3 for a while now and I could not be more excited. Mario Kart 7 is the best game in the franchise so far, and putting F-Zero elements on top of that just seems like a winning combination. Also worth mentioning is that it looks gorgeus. I have high hopes for this game, to say the least.

Why some other games are not on the list:

Donkey Kong Country Freeze - Nothing new so far and I had mixed feelings about the first one.

Wind Waker HD - There are some hints that it might be more than a graphics update, but nothing major revealed yet.

New Super Luigi U - I have not found the motivation to finish NSMBU, and that's sad

Wii Party U - Not very excited about a party game.

New title by Monolith Software - It doesn't even have a title yet, so I'm not excited.