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Take that, ghosts!

While I usually ignore games that tell you you might want to take a break, I do try to keep my video game playing at pretty resonable lengths. Well, yesterday I drastically failed at that and played Mario Kart 7 for almost 5 hours straight, after which my thumbs kinda hurt. And it wasn't even multiplayer, I was just playing time trial.

You know how MK 7 has one easy and one difficult staff ghost? Well, before yesterday I had beaten all the easy staff ghosts and ten of the hard ones. Now I have beaten 22 out of the 32 hard ghosts. The easiest one to beat was on Wuhu Mountain Loop. Using the glitch I managed to beat the staff ghosts by more than 25 seconds with a time of 1:13:791. The most difficult one (of the ones I still did manage to beat) was Bowser's Castle which I played for about an hour before I did it. Actually,it was mostly because I tried several times to do a short-cut that involved a jump that could potensially go into lava. Turns out going the usual way and do lots of power turns was actually both faster and easier.