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A trail of biscuits

I wanted to write a blog about the Rayman Legends challenges app, and why I wish other franchises would do something similar.


If Rayman Legends had not been pushed back, it would have been released by now. While I take the delay as a sign that the game is made by a pationate team that want to make the game perfect before releasing it, waiting can be kinda boring. Luckily, I have the challenges app to fill that void with. It's like a little daily treat until the full game eventually comes out.

Here is how it works. The game has the three levels from the demo, plus two daily and two weekly challenges. The objective of each challenge is either go as far as you can, go a certain distance as fast as you can or collect a certain number of lums as fast as you can. You are awarded medals for how well you perform (Diamond if you are in the top percent, gold in the top 20 percent and silver in the top 40 percent).

Now, usually you will find a lot of the same hurdles from challenge to challenge, but in different order and ocasionally new parts will pop up. It probably isn't a big use of resources for the team to make one, yet the challenges always feel unique and the competitive aspect of it makes it as exciting every day.





(So far there are five different challenges levels)

I really love the concept and I wish more game developers would do something similar. For instance - sonsicer the idea of Super Smash Challenge App. Maybe it will be daily, maybe two challenges weekly, whatever. Here is the kind of challenges they could incorporate into that.

1: Target Practice.

Make the usual course with ten targets that you have to smash as fast as possible. Make each challenge designed for one specific character.


2: Creepy Porygon People.

It could be survive as long as possible, kill as many as you can in a minute, kill 30 as fast as possible and so on - just like in the game. It could even be something strange like go as long as possible and neither take nor inflict damade.

3: Race to the (non-existant) finish.

You know, the mini-game with all the doors, except without doors, just trying to get as fast as possible before the time runs out.


4: Homerun Challenge.

Just make it with one specific character at a time.

Basically, there are a lot of mini-games to choose from in the SSB franchise. One reason I think this would be a great idea, is that it would be a really cool way to announce new characters in the game. Make it so that each weekly challenge the last X weeks before release will have a previously unannounced character. That way, people will get some quality time with the character right after its announcement.


Another reason I want developers to do this sort of thing is that on those ocassions where a game is out for months in North America before it reaches Europe I will be a bit less annoyed.