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DS or PSP?

Recently, I've been wanting some sort of portable gaming. Right now I'm leaning more toward the DS just because I've always wanted to play Chrono Trigger, and it's coming out soon for the DS.So what do you guys think I should get? A PSP or a DS? Please give reason!

Thanks! :D

Whoa. I'm back and ready for Christmas.

Gees. So I haven't posted anything for a while - I didn't even realize how long it had been. But nonetheless, I'm back and ready to start blogging again.

Christmas is still a while a way, but I have run out of solid games to play (other than Guitar Hero: World Tour, but that doesn't count). Do you guys know of any good Xbox 360 or PC games that are $20 or less?

I want the game to have a good length - something that will last me a month. So that can mean it has a long single-player campaign, or an awesome online multiplayer.

Games I would prefer: RPGs, FPS, Action/adventure

Games I really don't feel like playing: Racing, Fighting, RTS

:D Thanks for the suggestions! :D


Whoever saw the Men's 4x100 relay cannot deny the excitement they felt for the U.S. swim team :)

At the edge of my seat (well technically I was on the floor), I did one of those maneuvers where I jumped up and down urging the Americans in the last 50meter dash to the finish. It's completely and utterly useless to cheer for them, when they are in that little black tube, yet we cheer for them nonetheless - thinking that in some unfathomable way they can hear me all the way in Texas.

But this isn't really the point of what I'm saying. Yes it was awesome, and probably one of the highlights of the Olympics thus far...

But the real story is Phelps and his shot at the record-breaking number of Golds.

I can't help but to think of how much the media is stressing the success of Phelps, and they keep saying how he is going to win. But what if he doesn't? Anything but a gold would be a complete let-down (in any of his competitions).

I think the media shouldn't be flaunting his high chances of winning, but instead just cheer for him. By making him out to be a God of swimming, they are just setting themselves up (and the rest of America) to a let-down - and no one likes to be let-down, especially with that sort of magnitude.

Regardless of medals, Phelps is still a really cool guy. I saw the little documentary of him, and I couldn't help but to compare myself to him. He's lazy, eats a lot, plays video games, has a dog, and swims. That's his life. My life could be summarized with the exact same list, just add soccer and school, and get rid of swimming.

Such a cool guy.