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My Ornament Scavenger Hunt List

My Ornament Scavenger Hunt List Clue 1: Van Nquyen Link Clue 2: Jody Robinson Link Clue 3: Guy Cocker Link Clue 4: Matthew Gravish Link Clue 5: Chris Watters Link Clue 6: Kevin VanOrd Link Clue 7: Aaron Sampson Link Clue 8: Alex Sassoon Coby Link Clue 9: Wernher Goff Link Clue 10: Jan Heir Link Clue 11: Randolph Ramsey Link Clue 12: Andrew Park Link Clue 13: Mark Walton Link Clue 14: Justin Covert Link Clue 15: Sophia Tong Link Clue 16: Kurtis Seid Link Clue 17: Giancarlo Varanini Link Clue 18: Justin Porter Link Clue 19: Ryan MacDonald Link Clue 20: Tyler Winegarner Link Clue 21: Maxwell McGee Link Clue 22: James Kozanecki Link Clue 23: Frank Adams Link Clue 24: Sarju Shah Link Clue 25: Shaun McInnis Link Clue 26: Ricardo Torres Link Clue 27: Tom Magrino Link Clue 28: Dan Chiappini Link Clue 29: Homer Rabara Link Clue 30: Takeshi Hiraoka Link Clue 31: Tor Thorsen Link Clue 32: Jim Maybury Link Clue 33: Carolyn Petit Link Clue 34: Tom McShea Link Clue 35: Dan Mihoerck Link Clue 36: Jane Douglas Link Clue 37: Brendan Sinclair Link Clue 38: Laura Parker Link

Upgraded Gaming Rig- Monster Machine

Recently I have upgraded my gaming rig for the upcoming power thirsty games. Here is a spec I own currently. MB: XFX 780i 3Way SLI CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz 1333 RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 6400 OZC Gold Edition (Zalman Memory Colling) ROM: Lite-ON DVD RW Super Multi HDD: 2x500Gb Barracuda 7200rpm, 32Mb buffer B-RAY: Lite-On Blue Ray drive GPU: 3xEVGA 260 GTX Overclocked 896MB 664Hz - In 3 Way SLI mode CASE: Thermaltake: VB1000S PSU: Thermaltake Throughpower 1000W OS: Win 7x32 bit Ultimate Screen: Sony Bravia 32'' TV (throguh HDMI) I am happy for now. :)

What a turn!

Sold the 9800 GX2 that I have rushed and bought from mate of mine, as he moved on to console. Sold it couple of days ago. Not because did not like it....but because new it that would nto afford to buy 2nd one for quad sli mode. As I decided to purchase 2x9600GT 1GB, which in my opinion will be more powerful than 1x9800 GX2 plus not much concerns regarding cooling system. Also concern with 9800 GX2 was the cooling I was concidering to have liquid cooling but again that hit the roof when I satrte to look at options. Plus additional efforts to make one solid performing rig myself, I thoguht I will strugle so better start with some thing with simpler to build. So here we go one more day and I will have hads on my beauties and later enjoy my pre purchased games. Another thing that I would not expect from my mate such a turn in his point of view since he moved on to console, especialy from him, is that he was PC afficianado for a long old time, like I dont know may be 10 years now...he absolutelly turned his face to us PC fans proclaming that console world will beat us. I agree day to day a lot more facinating games are coming for only consoles (GTA IV, Haze, GearsOW2, GodOW) but still I reckon PC is much better or even the best customasible and fast paced enviroment for a games. Oh well some people change their point of view apparently under certain influences, which not being even considered by others. Anyway at the end of day it is all enjoyment of both sides, so as long as we entertain ourselves in a way that suit and satisfies us...that is more than fair enough. Ta ra Vug

New Gaming Rig....Upcoming for the New Gen Games!!

Here is the beauty that I am trying to get down to play the latest games...for my budget, for satisfying performance... XFX 780i SLI Motherboard Core2Duo E8400 3.0 Ghz, 6Mb Cache, 1333Mhz Sonic Tower CPU Coling Tt Soprano VB1000BWS Case RAM, 8Gb OCZ Technology DDR2 PC6400 Gold, 800Mhz Segate Barracuda, 7200, 1Tb, 32Mb Cache XFX 9600 GT 2x1Gb, SLI Mode Hi-Power 1000W PSU Samsung SM940NW 19" Monitor Liteon DWD-RW, DVD-ROM & CD-RW Green LED, 2x120 Fan, 1x90 & 3x80 Fans, UV Light x4 Vindows Vista Ultimate, 64bit Lovely in it, apparently I am going to spend on this over 1100GBP, however I will enjoy my gaming, cant wait for components to be delivered....I am currently living in Baku, well actually I am from Baku...but ordering componenets from we have a bit lack of high end products down here....we dont but it is too expensive compare even to UK I gone with and known retailers in counting days for my beauties. Not all stuff going to come from UK just main components like, mobo, GPU, CPU, PSU1000W and I will get here. Already bought HL2-E2, Crysis, COD4, MOH:AB, GoW, BS:Area 51, Assassin's Creed, NFS Pro. Planning also replay again in collection games...Far Cry, NFS:MW, & Carbon, POP:TT and of course BF2 i didnt even had hands on them (lack of GPU support). Will post some shots of games once machine is built. Also It is first time when I am going to build my own PC myself...from scratch up to tweaking, testing, OC-ing and modding. Read a lot of articles, reviews and information on this matter...and now feel more comfortable than was couple of month ago when started to thinking to build own gaming rig my own hands. Hopefuly ddint miss anything and pretty sure if in case will face any problems/challenges always will be able to get some advise from forums and gaming comunities. Wish me good luck.

Update for the last 6 month

Hi all, Pass a long time since I have written any post in here. A lot of things has happend could not have enough time to contribute.... Loads of stuff going on in recent times. First is that I stuck in country called Kazakhstan, doing my 6&2 business trips (rotations), and hell of a busy at last six month could not even get to internet...but anyway, in last couple of weeks were reading updates about games and etc.... It is a bit shame that I bought almost all the recent last six month, Crysis, Gears of War, MOH: Airborne, COD 4, BS:Area 51, NFS-Pro, Hellgate L, Kane & Lynch... but did not have a time to play them...hopefully by end on April I will get all my sorted out in KZ, and go back home to start knock the games one by one...:-) But before starting doing so...intention is to get this baby :-) New 790i Ultra SLI edition of EVGA motherboard and 9800 GX2 just one so far....planning.... want to really create some hot and blazing flames in my neighbourhoods. Already purchased the 9800GX2, trying to get motherboard...and processor..First thought to buy XBOX 360 but then, it is really hard to get the games in my did not bother I am PC man. Here we go, will try to give more updates....nice to be back again...

Upcoming Games!!! Have you seen the.........?

Just shocking!!! What I have seen on Gamespot video game trailers, was amazing and really enjoyable! The gane titles such as Crysis, Black Site: Area 51, Hellgate: London, Assasin Creed, MSG 4 makes me wonder will actually that what shown on trailers be in the game, if yes then I think new era of gaming is in its way!! Believe me this is just awsome! Right no comments about Crysis, just watch the trailers, and you will be impressed. Game is herendous and promising! Destructible environments, high intellegent AI, non-linear gameplay, superb graphics!! This game rocks! Black Site: Area 51, great emphasis on game turning point, you will start with the mission in iraq, and then face with something that you never thought of it! Amazing graphics, sound is just tremendous, ameplay rocks, and its is more like tactical shooter, so yu won't be alone in you way to the end. If of course you will be able to get there, just joke, of course we will! :-) Hellgate, one of the most awaited games in this year, everyones favarite topic. We will see what that will give us, I am pretty sure that will be quite tense hours in fornt of screen! And finally word on Assasin Creed, fantastic, acrobatic gameplay we have ever seen since POP and GoW.... Really ta the edge of blade! High flyer and just pure assasin! Pretty sure that you will enjoy it! And of course MSG: Guns of Partiots no comments on this one! :-) Have Fun!!

Brand New Laptop! And Second PC at Home!

Recently thought about to buy new laptop, just for business purposes. Going for Toshiba, well not Gosimo. :-) First going to check out A200 series with Core Duo Processor. Quite handy one, well enough for business purposes, and loads of other stuff to do. Personally liked the design side of it. Other than this trying to build up second decent (not quite) PC for my bro. so we could play multiplayer games together and so on.

Recently Seen Game Trailers & Impressions!

Right....Left! Recently watched a lots of trailer for upcoming games and must say that I am totaly shocked with few of them! Why? Have you seen the gameplay and graphical features of these games? Let start with my favourite ones... Noise and tension around WW2 genre is always in my preference and it is tasty bit that I am tracking in GameSpot! So, COD4: Modern Warfare is just superb, the way you play and the way it looks like, absoulutelly amazing! Intension around this game going to grow up by time and must say that I am quite happy that it is coming for PC platform as well, because it will be just perfect test run for my brand new Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 786 Mb video card!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Other than this the impression left out from COD 2, does not give me a rest of this game and overall off the genre itself. However COD isn't going to be a WW2 shooter, but still stays as good shoter as was, indeed! Second one is MOH: Airborne!! Just herendous game! More non-linear fast paced action packed game of all its predecessors! Start whereever you want and just try to survive! Cant wait for this one. Graphichs is just amazing and different from that, what we have seen in MOH series so far. Hope isn't just hype!! And finnally is BIA: Hells Highway!!! Yes it is absoulutelly shocking and in all respect to other shooters packed with more tactical features, Hope won't disapoint as BIA: EiB did!!! Anyway that is it for now. Will give you more update on other great and imressive upcoming games and try to put down my own impressions about these games and wish you an enjoyable game playing! Have fun!

Through tough & Dangerous path!!

Right a little bit update on how is going with gameing right now, Playing Company of Heroes without any rush, just trying to fully enjoy it. Goes fine, yesterday stuck a bit, instead of securing a road strated to occupy bonus points and forget about primary target. :-) At the same time going thorough hazardous zones of chernobyl in the STALKER. Quite impressive, you know a bit taste like HL-2, not not enough substance to compare to. Anyway, enjoyable game and I am happy with it so far, let see what comes next. For forthcoming games, I can only say that looking forward to try HALO 2, a lot of noise goes around this game, so trying would not hurt. Other than that, will go for spider man as well. Well but the main intension has been rosed by the news about development of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game. So keeping eye on it all the time. That is it, i think so far. will add more later on.

Ipod 80 Gb!! Amazing that!

I love music! Specially acoustic guitar song. Folky sort of things. So decided to get Ipod for meself. Well, first started to think getting 8 Gb Ipod Nano, nice you know, light and amazing. But then ended up with 80 Gb Ipod and now quite happy that I gone for this one. Man loads of songs and photos. What ever you want. And now it is sort of become obsession to fill it with nice songs and edit song info add album artwork and that sort of things. Unfortunatelly iTunes store is not yet available in my country so i can just buy songs from iTunes which has already got all the required info about song or album. Well its nice tho to play around with thsi baby. Created my favourite playlist: Damien Rice, Coldplay, Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Jose Gonzalez, U2 and lods of others....
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