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Steam Summer Sale Is On

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I was on vacation and came back to this. Great stuff - go spend money!

This is accelerating my pulling the trigger on a new pc.

Portal 2 Free - On Steam (Message Me)

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I have a free copy of Portal 2 to give away on Steam by tomorrow. If you want it send me a message and we can coordinate via Steam. First message gets it.

Skyrim - 3 Pointers So Far

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1. How to make Skyrim Awesome: check this link out


(you can set items, weapons, and spells to corresponding keys on your keyboard. Duh!! I set all my stuff last night, life is much better)

2. Encumbrance

Some info on encumbrance in the game. Stamina raises the amount you can carry. If you have exceeded your carry amount and are encumbered, here are some tips I found online. My favorite is the third option. I am looking forward to animating a corpse, making it my mule, then having it die when I arrive in the middle of town.

-Walking forward and using a melee power attack (charge) while over-encumbered helps the player gain additional ground, making for easier travel while over-encumbered.
-Normally, fast-traveling is disabled while over-encumbered. However, on a horse, this does not apply, making for easier trips back to sell carried goods, especially in towns which allow horses inside the walls.
-Another option is to dump all heavy equipment into a corpse and reanimate it using a spell or power, such as the resurrection power gained by The Ritual Stone. The player can then fast travel to any destination and the corpse follows. If the time it took is enough for the spell to run it's course, the corpse will 'die' again upon reaching the destination, and the player can loot it's body for all the equipment they gave it initially.

3. Last night I was asked to go get the dragon stone. I had previously acquired the dragon stone in my random wanderings and stuffed it in a chest in some small village on the way to Whiterun (I had no idea what it was for and it was heavy, but I didn't want to throw it away). When later given the quest for the dragon stone I did not have to go back to wherever I had stashed the stone and run it back to the quest giver, instead the game gave me a dialogue option acknowledging that I had already found the dragon stone and immediately allowed me to complete the quest. Not sure if this was a glitch or intentional, but I like it.

FYI: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/elder-scrolls-v/1212337p1.html

- I am totally hooked...

MW3 Release -oops

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No Porn Stars shall be associated with this ultra violent game:


Battlefield 3 - Pre-Loaded!!

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So I broke down and pre-purchased a game. I was at work, bored, revisited some of the bf3 trailers again, looked for the game on steam and realized it was a non-steam game, saw the pre-load special EA Origin was running, and bought the damn thing. It has been a long time since I have done that, considering the price on pc games almost always drops significantly within the first few months.

Now I am pre-loaded - caught on on trailers and psyched. I was heavily addicted to bf1942 and bf2. Looking forward to it!!

New Games on the Horizon - Hope you have some extra $!!

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Battlefield 3 drops next week and Modern Warfare 3 right around the corner. Great Stuff. Plus Skyrim is right around the corner. I have no idea who has time to play all these games, but it is a great problem to have!

RAGE Launch Party - Dallas/DFW Area

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If you are in the DFW area this is happening tonight:



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