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i just picked thhis game up a couple days ago, and i came from Mortal Kombat. I decided to try out Cody. These puts are very different from MK. I can't seem to get Last Dread Dust consistently. Supposedly, Bad Stone--> LDD is hard, but i cna get that more consistently than just LDD, and even then it's only like 20% of the time. Every tie i watch my friend play he always gets it to work(he always uses it as an anti-air and everytime he calls the move out it, works.) 

Can anyone give me tips on how to properly execute specials and ultras in this game?? ii can get specials right most of  the time, but i would like to know how to do it all the time. am i supposed to do QCB,QCB, then MP+LP+HP immediately afterwards, or is the MP+LP+HP suppsoed to come out at the same time as the second QCB is inputted??