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my level

my level just sky rocketed. i totaly skipped lvl 6. thats wierd 0_o. haha but i dont mind. anyone know why that happened?

p.s. it happend in one day


today i came home sick from school. i had a short but annoying trip to the doctors offace and the decided i had strep throat. but of course i left school right after my annoying spanish class, bad luck for me i guess. but during first period i had to pick out a book for my next book report. i always have a hard time finding books i like. so i decided to ask my teacher if she knew any good book. so she suggjested The Body of Christopher Creed. she said i needed permission from my parents to read it so i told her i would, but i would check it now. by the time we left the library i was on page 15. for some reason this surprised my teacher, i asked her why and she said because it was a hard book or something. so the day went on in school and i couldnt put the book down! i dont know y but it was very interesting.so my dad came and picked me up at 12. we went to the doctors and got something to eat. we got home around 2. so i got my book and went to the office. i read for four hours. and finished the book. its amazing. anybody who hasnt read it should definatly pick it up.

assasins creed and why i love it

assasins creed is amazing. the controls are so amazing. i love the freedom you have. when thug came out all i did was climb on stuff. this takes that to a whole new level, in a good way. its fun to realize that what altiar is doing is possible, because many people are very skilled at climbing buildings and such, also known as free-running ang parkour. also the fighting systems is great. it is so fluid. it so satisfying to deny the gaurds attacks then stab there feat and punch them in the face.the single fighting is very good also. i like how it switches to lock on to the person that attacks you.

i wish i had this game, but i have to wait until christmas. also im going to be picking up call of duty 4 this week because my local best buy is having a sale on them, that game also looks amazing

p.s. i hate my comp i wrote this once and it didnt load the screen right!:evil:

assasins creeed and why i love it so far.

i dont even have this game and i love it. today i went to my friends and played it though. i love the control system. its so smooth and clean. i feel like im altiar the whole time. when tony hawks underground came all i did was run around and climb on stuff. and this game takes that aspect to a whole new level. in a good way, not a way that makes u feel like the things you are doing are unbelievably impossible and is to extreme to even consider doing. grant you most people would do what altiar does, but there are people who perform stunts like that. also the fighting system is amazing. its so fluid. the counters are extremly satisfying to perform.

ive only gone through the first couple parts but i love this game. i wish i had. but i have to wait until christmas to get it. also im getting call of duty 4 this week because its on sale at the local best buy. i cant wait to play that to.

good news, bad news, and why im an idiot

first ill give you the bad news. rock band is no where to be found!:cry: my dad has been going to 3 places a day for the past 2 weeks and he still cant find one. he said i could gat it for christmass but wat if he cant find it? im realy mad. also i played skate. the other day and i loved it but i cant get it cause my x-mass list is already full.

now fo the good news. this isnt to important and not that hard... but today i landed a kickflip while skating today for the first time. this is a good thing because i started to skate this satursy.

also im dumb cause i didnt know how to post blogs:D


i just signed up for a gs name a couple days ago. i have been coming to this site for over a year. i dont no y it took me so long to make a name:D. im trying to be active in the site. also i have som questions. what does the lvling do? and how does it go up? jw. pm me if u want or something. ohh yeah im normaly busy with school and all soo yeah. just wanted to say hi:D