Big day @ Daytona

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I was playing nascar 06 today at daytona . I started the race outside of row one in the 20 car jimmie johnsosn was on the pole I hade a better start then jimmie  I got infront of him in turn one then he went to the outside  and he had some help from the 8 car when i got to the backstretch i made some contact that made him [jimmie johnsosn ] angry:evil: then he started bumbing me from the back then he fell to the back of the pack { LEATER THAT RACE} i made a green flag pitstop after afew laps caution came for a wreck between  two cars entiring pit road after the restart jimmie was on my back pumber it was the last stand between me and him i dicided to take him out in turn 3 after blocking him in 1 . 2 and the backstretch i  got in his rear right quarter  which made him spin  then his car backed up on me and evryone behind us fliped and crashed i lost my fuel cell  i wasnt mad but happy because i tookout jimmie i  ended the race in 43rd and i led 37 laps