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Top 10 Metroidvania games.

I just finished the latest Castlevania game: Mirror of Fate HD and I thought I would reflect back on my favorite Metroidvania games.

  1. Super Metroid (SNES)
  2. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (NDS)
  3. Guacamelee! (PC)
  4. Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC)
  5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS)
  6. Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)
  7. Cave Story (PC)
  8. Aquaria (PC)
  9. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (NDS)
  10. Shadow Complex (360)

It's clear that Castlevania is my favorite series and Super Metroid my favorite game of all time. If you have played Super Metroid you know why it's at the top of every list. If you have not played Super Metroid, then you should.

Now why did I choose Dawn of Sorrow as the best Castlevania game? Besides having the most epic castle ever, without having to invert the castle, this game offered the widest variety of weapons and armor, plentiful throughout the entire game. Players also had the ability to collect souls from monsters and equip three at a time. This game also offered some of the most memorable environments that were reminiscent of Super Metroid. The only thing that his game lacked was the secret moves available from the start of Symphony of the Night, but every other Castlevania game also lacked these.

Guacamelee and Dust were both amazing games. Most players would argue that Dust is the better game and had a better story. I would agree with the story part and thought both games had an equal sense of humor. However, Dust's combat was very exploitable and I was able to mindlessly tear through enemies without blinking an eye. I will admit this was pretty fun, but I found the combat, especially the boss battles more enjoyable and rewarding in Guacamelee.

Now why did I choose Order of Ecclesia, one of the less popular Castlevania games to make the list? Well I would have liked to have put every Castlevania game on the list, even the newest one which I found to have many flaws. Order of Ecclesia managed to be one of the hardest Castlevania games without being cheap. This was a pretty steep accomplishment, everything was avoidable in the game, if you got hit, it was your fault. I know that Order of Ecclesia lacked the epic castle and exploration that most Castlevania have, but the combat and boss battles were so satisfying in this game that I had to put it on this list.

Some honorable mentions to some other franchises: Muramasa, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Mega Man ZX, and La-Mulana.

Log of completion times.

Just a list of how long it took me to complete the story mode of various games. I am a completionist, so many of these times may be longer than usual. Sometimes I run through games quickly though.


Log now recorded on How Long to Beat

Escape From Butcher Bay: 10 hrs

Kings Bounty: The Legend: 84 hrs

Fable: The Lost Chapters: 20 hrs

F.E.A.R.: 14 hrs

Mass Effect: 40 hrs

Syberia: 12 hrs

Dead Island: 34 hrs

Plants vs Zombies: 7 hrs

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point: 7 hrs

Bastion: 11 hrs

Shank: 3 hrs

Limbo: 3 hrs

Crysis Warhead: 7 hrs

Portal 2: 7 hrs (1/21/2012)

Crysis 2: 13 hrs (1/27/2012)

Aquaria: 20 hrs (1/29/2012)

Final Fantasy VI: 51 hrs (3/11/2012)

Assault on Dark Athena: 8 hrs (3/25/2012)

Samorost 2: 1.5 hrs (3/30/2012)

Torchlight: 16 hrs (7/9/2012)

Dear Esther: 1 hr (7/19/2012)

CoH: Opposing Fronts: 18 hrs (8/3/2012)

Driver: San Francisco: 24 hrs (8/12/2012)

GRID: 22 hrs (8/27/2012)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 40 hrs (10/16/2012)

Batman: Arkham Asylum: 19 hrs (11/4/2012)

Defense Grid: The Awakening 18 hrs (3/10/2013)

Rochard: 7 hrs (3/16/2013)

BioShock Infinite: 17 hrs (4/21/2013)

Far Cry 3: 34 hrs (5/4/2013)

Mass Effect 2: 40 hrs (5/23/2013)

Tomb Raider (2013): 18 hrs (5/25/2013)

First 1000 achievement game today!!

I have been at 960 achievement points in Dirt 2 for the PC for about a year now with 46/47 achievements. The only one I was missing was reach level 30 online. With the recent release of Dirt 3, I decided to go back and play Dirt 2 for comparison. Seeing that I was only one achievement away from 1000 and that it would be an easy one to pick up, I decided to finally finish this one up. It took me 52 more online races to reach level 30. This totaled to 167 online races with only 17 first place finishes and 89 podiums. Yeah the players online are so insanely good that I only win about 1 in 10 races. Anyways this will probably be my only 1000 pt game since it was pretty easy to get all the achievements in this game. I didn't have to go out of my way to do any of them (other than the last one, but it was fun). I know I won't be doing it for Dirt 3. There is may too much Gymkhana crap that I am no good at and don't like to get 1000 pts in that game. Anyways Dirt 2 is completely awesome and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys off road racers.

Stalin vs Martians: The Entire Game in 15 min

You shouldn't play this game, so I have come up with a work around. I present: The Entire Game Without Playing It.

The Entire Story Yep thats right just read these 12 screenshots for the entire story. (Start at bottom right, Xfire has the most recent screen shots first.)

All 3 Intermission Videos. Luckily somebody else recorded these, so I didn't have to.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

The Final Boss

Congratulations you saved yourself the frustration of playing this awful game.

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