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The Past Few Years

So I am 23, will be 24 in September. I have gotten officially divorced from my first husband. I have one son who will be 3 soon. Life has been good and I am happy. My son is getting so big and he is healthy, I finished my associates degree and will begin work on my bachelor's before the year is out. I have my struggles and hardship but with love from friends and prayer I know I will be alright. Only looking back at old blog posts now do I realize just how much i complained about life, and it did me no good because I still had to live my life. I wouldn't change a thing, because it made me the person I am today; caring, loving, responsible and strong.

Evil Roomates

Momma always said"be careful who you make friends with." Well I've done it this time, some fine mess I have gotten myself into. She has even gone so for as to have someone threaten myself and my husband. Can you believe it? Probably not. The reality is none of you will never even begin to live with someone as lying, caniving, and as crazy as her behind is. I have never met someone with such a lack of common sense, and to make it worse she does nothing but make idle threats. I want to choke slam her, but that isn't the christian way. But praying for her is doing nothing, and being nothing sure as hell aint working either. She is supposed to be kicked out by January but that looking grimmer and grimmer. Something has to be done, cause I wont stand by while someone threatens my life. I have had enough. Think this is exciting, this is only my crazy roomate, just wait til I tell you about the rest of "a zoo" my life is.

New update

I got married..Oh yea..I'm taken..Anyway...My life has been a rollercoaster ride, but I'm up for a long ride. All I can do is learn how to deal and keep on coping.

One way street

Looks like the bad karma chapter is coming to a close, but I have been feeling miserable without my boyfriend....But what can I do? Not jack....All I can do is wait and hope everything works out for me and for him...T.B.H this whole thing sucks... People keep telling me to be patient but they arent te ones going through this ****

Bad Karma

What is going on? Seems like my life has been heading for some jagged my boyfriend is homeless..I even almost got kicked out by my mom for helping him..She like cursed me out and I wasnt supposed to get mad at that? I understand "her house her rules" but she was getting carried away. Now my soul is lonely without him...How can you be on your way up and then smack the ground so fast? And also now I think I am getting a rash on my neck and it really itches...My life suks right spirit is crying..


Never ever ever ever get up the night after drinking and drink cold water.....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea....

No internet

To everyone, I no longer have internet at home, so I wont be on much for a while, you might be able to catch me while I'm at school, which is early in the morning, but other than that sorry.

Skins' beat the Boys'

the SKINS' beat the BOYS' how bout that oh yea...go wahington!!!!!

Party at my aunts house...this laptop is coming in handy. :p


Back last

Man I was so homesick at my dad's...I wont even go into what went so was like hell on earth....I wanted to commit murder...anyway I am back home now, and I cant be happier.