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a lot of ppl play this game i just signed up for it it's really you can talk to friends and should check it out.


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at the store their all out of them even the shuffles.

man this sucks that means i wont be getting one for christmas...... oh well theres always next year right?

i got suspended from gamespot.........

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because of my user advatar oh please it wasn't even that bad oh well im really pissed off. sooooooo ya i had to change my advatar i decided to change it to resident evil 4 icon. does it look good? Anyway i hope everybody here ( expect the person who supended me has a great holiday season this year!

Man i finally beat resident evil 4!

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Finally it has took forever i have been playing it for the last week now my friends are telling me i need to get the ps2 version and beat it again? no way. who else has beaten it here?

Anybody ever heard of bad relegion?

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there a really good band if you go to you can listen to there music videos. there a punk band.

heres some pics of them.......

Final Fantasy XII..........

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man i cant wait to get my hands on this game i also heard there was a demo of it in dragon quest and im also trying to figure when its going to be realeased can anybody tell me?

Dating sims........

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have you ever played any? if you go to they should have a genre for dating sims you should check them out, really funny! the games are where you have to get a certain girl to go out with you and see if you can go all the way with her.........