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A new addition to the family :)


I never thought I would be owning one of these >__>

But, I blame Alan Wake for this impulsive purchase. :oops: And I must say this game is pretty awesome :)

So, yeah...

Now I suppose I can catch up on all the 360 games I've been missing out on. >__>

Car Recommendation Wanted!

Ashley is upgrading her car and needz recommendations. Please help me. :cry:

I currently ride around town in a 1996 Accord. She's an old lady and it's time to move on. v__v

My top contender is the 2010 Honda Fit Sport. :) But I'm afraid my already heavy bias towards this car will blind me from a potentially better choice.

So this is where I need your guyz help :)

Shooting at my school :(

A teacher was denied tenure. She shot 5 faculty members and one staff member. Three professors are dead and 2 people are in critical condition.

They haven't announced what professors are dead. I'm so scared. :( I pray that it's not the only 2 biology teachers I care about (I don't mean to sound selfish) :(

EDIT: The story in national news,2933,585682,00.htmlA little more details.

House shopping! :D

Yes, that's right...I'm house shopping and I think I found a place that I'm sold on! :D

It's a new neighborhood, and the home isn't built yet, so I'll be able to customize a lot of things. I'm really excited about that. But I'm really nervous.

Homes are expensive. v___v But apartment life sucks I can't wait to get out. >__> It was nice when I was college and all, barely making much money, but the tide has turned and I feel ready to invest in something like a home.

Not looking forward to paying the down payments and closing cost :x

Anywho, tomorrow we'll be going to the office and probably sign a construction contract. :?

It's in a great location, so I feel like 50 grand of the price is all about the location and not the actual home. But, I'm so in love with the location that I feel like it's almost worth it.

So...I dunno. We'll see.

In other news...where's Return to Ostagar? Please Bioware don't deprive me any longer!!! :cry:

Roll Tide :)

The Crimson Tide has just won the National Championship.

Final score 37 - 21.

Ashley is happy. :)

In other news...I started my new job this past Monday. After working a week...I think I'm going to love it. :)

I can has degree.

Yup...that's right. :oops:

I'm DONE with classes and I'll be walking across the stage to get my bachelor's degree in computer science next week. :D

And on top of all that...I just got a job offer for a Software Developer stating January 4th. :)


EDIT: Roll Tide.

I can see the light!


it's there...

This week is the last full week of school for me. And then I graduate with a degree in CS :3 But this week is also a really sucky week because EVERYTHING is due. v__v

Anywho...I just felt like wasting time when I should be working on a paper :P

Grad Skool...*sighs*

I'm starting to study for the GRE. I bought a vocab review book and I was just skimming through...oh my gosh :shock: There's so much English I don't know! :cry:

Anyways >___>

I'm got a small dilema. I want my masters in bioinformatics. However, I REALLY don't want to have to commute or relocate to get it. The university in town isn't really the best school for this type of degree. v___v

I did some searching and I discovered John Hopkins University has an online masters degree for bioinformatics. Which is awesome, because then I won't have to comute or relocate but...those near me strongly discourages the whole "online" degree thing >__>

ugh...decisions, decisions. :x

Talk about epic phailure... :'( [Updated :D]

The deadline to apply for bachelor's degree was June 1st. I just found out today. :( :cry:

This means I won't be able to get my degree until Spring 2010 even though I'm done with all my courses!!! :cry: (edit: to clarify, I will be done with all my courses ( just 2) in Fall 2009)

Needless to say this SUCKS!!! :cry:

...there may be a tiny glimmer of hope. I'm on a first name basis with the Dean of the College of Science, so maybe...maybe he will be able to pull some strings for me, but I'm not very optimistic about it :(

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


I contacted my academic advisor and it seems all hope is not lost :)

I'm still on track to graduate Fall '09 :cry: (tears of joy) ...they were accepting late applications *phew*