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Last Blog?

I don't know. Possibly. I feel like I'm regurgitating, but perhaps it's what needs to be done for my own self. The last nail in the coffin of the website that haunts my dreams and taught me what life is all about. Gamespot was one cool place some time ago, but now it continues to be the old guy in church that won't die that is hindering the progression of all the other believers.

Some part of me believed that things would get back on track, some part of me believed that someone would take real control of this place and put it in line; some part of me believed that maybe I could make a difference. Truth is, no matter how good of a member you are here and no matter how hard you try: it just doesn't matter.

So I'm back...

It's been almost five years. Anybody on my friends list remember me?

Reading through my old reviews. Laughing silently...

Getting a PSP!

Alright,so all of my friends know my birthday is in a few weeks.And I know exactly what I'm getting!A PSP!I went into my Moms room looking for my gift.And I found it!A creative hiding spot to if I might add,in a pillow case.:P

Anyways I'm getting a PSP,a 1 GIG memory stick and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.Boy,do I miss Snake,it will be great to have conversations with him again as he hides in a box waiting for the enemy to pass!:D

When people pass...

You usually cry in grief.But that has never really been my case tell about now.My Great Grandma passed on to be with God just a few hours ago.i have

ill be gone for a feww days dbye.

Spiderman 3 Review

Spiderman is cool.But some of his coolness is lost in SM3.The movie had its moments.It was kind of touching as well.But they took the whole emo Peter Parker thing in a not so good direction.Spidey becomes very depressed and angry when he figures out that his uncle's killer is actually alive and well,so Peter will go out at all costs to kill this man and becomes poisened with revenge.He is soon taken over by it and feels poweful with it..Powerful enough to shake his fanny around a bunch of girls and poweful enough to act like a total moron.Yeah,thats totaly what revenge makes you feel.Like you're a walking afrodisiac.Umm no.When you want revenge on a person,you plan it out and you become very angry.Which is actually one of the characteristics he gets for a few minutes...All this can make you feel very confused,and that part was not presented well.

But Spiderman 3 put in just the right amount of character relief.A lot of clever one-liners,and there are a lot of funny moments here and there when you need them.

Some people say there were far to many villains.I don't think so.Having Sandman and Venom was a smart choice.There both pretty neat,but Venom being my favorite Spiderman villain of all time,did not get enough action.Him and Spideman could have had a much better battle.

But hey,the movie was fun to watch and it was total entertainment overall.I was impressed.But I think I was expecting a lot more.


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Gone?For Good?

Maybe.But life is kickin' in again.And I can't let Game Spot control my life like it has been.A good friend of mine was recently banned for no reason at all,the reviews for games here pretty much stink and I have better things to do with my time.You know something is wrong if you're on a website dedicated to games more than you actually play games.

For a few years it seems I have had a job here at Gamespot.That ends today.I'm destroying the DOA Union,the only reason I made it was after Yugiohchamp was banned nothing seemed to happen at TNC.There is now no reason for the DOA Union.So I'm now redirecting all members to TNC.It was a good run,but you will all be safe there.:)

Goodbye,may seem like forever,farewell is like the end,but in my hearts the memories and there they will remain.

Death Rockin'

Been watching a lot of Death Note lately.Some of the best anime I have seen in a long time.Its really got the best roster of characters I think I have ever seen.And L is one of my new favorite anime characters.And who could forget Misa and Ryuk?I'm not a big fan of Light,but I think hes smart,but to conceited for his own good.

And I also whipped the big bucks out and purchased Guitar Hero 2.A great 360 game that will add tons of variety to you're library.I didn't think I was gonna like it at first,because the game was kickin' my ass.But now everything is feeling natural.And I really do feel like a rocker when I play the game.

I also bought the new DOAX2 bundle.Which features two artbooks,two posters,two discs(one being an official soundtrack)and two pocket pictures.:P

Screw Tournaments

This blog deals with the Gears of War Tournament on Gamespot.

Yeah,and custom cycle as well.I cant believe this.We barley lost Round 1,only because of Clocktower(A map my team didn't practice on,come on we don't have time for them all).We dominated Round 2,one of there guys even quit at the end.And then the map was on Gridlock,are teams best map!!!!And guess what?The damn admins QUIT the match and sent us another invite to another Clocktower game?Why did they quit?The only thing I can suggest would be so they win,because they had the edge on the level and the admins were watching.And you know what makes this worse?There guy obvsiouly quit out of frustration,so the other team GOT ANOTHER GUY that was EVEN BETTER!

Anyways,I think my official tournament days are over..Anyone remember Goldeneye?A game with no lag in it?Thats were its at.**** online games,and screw the organization of this tournament.At least I get a cool looking emblem out of this.

Halo 3 Thoughts

Most Halo fans already know about the beta coming soon,and the new game play video was just released today...But my thoughts on Halo 3 might surprise most of my friends.

From what I have seen the graphics are not thaaaat impressive.In fact I would say Nicole from DOA4 is looking better still than the Spartans shown in the latest videos.But the games level design looks fantastic,and they all look like really great places for gun fights.I don't know what it is.But I'm liking what I have seen so far..Maybe Halo just looks way better when watching in third person?

But I'm actually really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.I have never been huge on the franchise,and I don't know if that will change with this one.But I do have the Limited Edition pre-ordered.The beta is out soon.I never got it,but I have a friend that does have it.So I'm gonna make sure I get to play the game one way or another.

I can smell the cash prize!

Yup,round one in the Gears of War Capitol Punishment Tournament is done.

My team was the victor.I cant say it was the fairest match in the world.But whatever it takes to get the top prize will have to work I guess.