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A Hard Day's Work

Well, I just finished deleting all my previous blog entries. Yep, all 275 of them. And as I looked back at my blogging history, I didn't like what I saw. At least I've become more mature on the internet now... I can't believe some of the !@$% I used to write >_>

Also, I am rather disappointed today, because my last three blog entries only received one comment each. This is obviously making me wonder if my blogging is up to snuff with the guys who get 10+ comments on every blog they write. If any of you have suggestions, or have friends willing to comment on blogs, drop me a line here. I'll owe you big time ^_^

And, since I deleted the entry stating November's rock band of the month, I'll say it again: it's Pearl Jam, and info about that legendary band can be found here: