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Battle of the Bands

Hi all! Been a while since my last blog, which is kinda surprising. :P After sticking with three Guitar Hero games (3, Aerosmith, and World Tour), I decided to buy Rock Band (the first one). I've played it before, but only for about an hour. (My bandmates were noobs, anyway :lol: ) After playing the solo guitar career for a while, I've decided to put down my thoughts. RB is okay, but it's meant more for parties than solo play. It's a bit easier than GH, but can still be challenging on some songs. I haven't looked into getting any DLC yet *shows empty pockets*, but I'll take a look sometime. I also have to mention that if you already own RB2 or GHWT, it's not worth it to get the other, because they have a lot of common songs. We'll have to wait and see what kind of DLC comes out first.

3-Year Anniversary + NXE

Well, Tuesday marked my three-year anniversary on GS. This year wasn't too noteworthy for me, IMO... but I'm probably forgetting something. :P

Also, I installed the 360 update known as NXE. I haven't tried out a whole lot yet, but so far, I'm liking the new interface. I also like being able to see the avatars of the people on my friends list (*cough CD cough* :P). I heard there's a few things missing that were promised, but I'm not in this for Netflix, so I'll just wait until the Marketplace gets back to full gear. As for HDD installations... I'll pass. My HDD is 20 GB, and half of it is used up. Besides, from what I heard, the performance improvement isn't all that drastic, so I'll stay with disc-loading for now.

Also, I'm uploading another video as I type, now that the feature is back up and running. If you're on my friends list, you should see it in your update feed when it finishes.

I'm starting to see why people hate GameStop so much

I reserved Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts about two months ago, looking forward to playing two games (the original was being offered as a promotion for reservation). However, GameStop never notified me that the game was ready for pickup, so I finally got myself to the store to get the game. They had the game, but were out of promo codes. That just isn't fair! I reserved this game well in advance, so I should be able to get the full package. I didn't say anything more, but now I'm starting to think that was a mistake. Next time, I'll keep better track of the release dates for sure.

Level 40

Yeah, I couldn't think of a better pic. :P

That's another milestone for me... even though levels are overrated :roll:

A Hard Day's Work

Well, I just finished deleting all my previous blog entries. Yep, all 275 of them. And as I looked back at my blogging history, I didn't like what I saw. At least I've become more mature on the internet now... I can't believe some of the !@$% I used to write >_>

Also, I am rather disappointed today, because my last three blog entries only received one comment each. This is obviously making me wonder if my blogging is up to snuff with the guys who get 10+ comments on every blog they write. If any of you have suggestions, or have friends willing to comment on blogs, drop me a line here. I'll owe you big time ^_^

And, since I deleted the entry stating November's rock band of the month, I'll say it again: it's Pearl Jam, and info about that legendary band can be found here: