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Tempora Mutantur et Nos Mutamur in Illis

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I guess it's time for an update. :P

Job I got hired permanently part time at Best Buy, which is something I am excited about. I am really enjoying this job, so hopefully the good news keeps coming on. I'm getting a good amount of hours to balance everything right now.

Car Still none. :/

College So far, I am not really liking this semester. I am having a hard time wanting to do all the work that a lot of the professors are suggesting. Since none of the homework is required, I am having an even harder time trying to focus.

Sleepy I am always just a little tired now.

Moderating Currently, I have no powers, I am on a break. I will show up in GS from time to time, if I find the time again to really focus on moderating, I will be back. For now though, I didn't really want to have the powers when I can't really find the time to contribute.

Some games I've been playing...

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has been amazing so far, still trying to get used to some of the more funny glitches, but I'll get there eventually.