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Speaking of which...

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So, time for a little update in the life of Verb. :P

Job I finally have one! YES! I'm working at the local Best Buy, and it is pretty cool. I actually really enjoy what I am doing and I really can't complain about the pay either. The people I work with are great, and the customers all seem friendly, none of this bugs me.

Collegeis going great, I'm maintaining my grades, keeping up on the work I need to do. And myriad other things. Midterms just finished and I am more than pleased with my scores on those midterms.

Car well, don't have a car anymore. I think I already talked about this though.

Veterans Day Weekend this weekend will be awesome. Maybe we could go barbecuing. A three day weekend is always welcome. I'm also a little saddened that because I got a job I won't be traveling to Brawley. :(.

Moderating is going pretty well. Although I just got a job, so I have been slacking off a little bit, expect to see my presence pop up here and there.

Friends slowly by slowly I am starting to make more real life friends and talk to other people from my past.

Some games I've been tinkering with...

Bad Piggies I know, I know, it's a casual game, but still a load of fun.

Mario Kart Wii I liked this game a long time ago, so I gave it a few rounds over the past few days.

Super Mario Brothers 3 this one is a good classic which I enjoy before it frustrates me that I suck at the game. :(

Minecraft well, there are some things which you just enjoy even though you don't know why. :{]

May be edited over time, in no way is this a final draft.